Which applications work with the new Android 13 media player {Updated}

The redesign of the lockscreen and media player in the notification shade is Android 13’s most noticeable user interface change. Here is a list of controls that have been updated, albeit not all music, podcast, and audio apps have been updated to accommodate them yet.

Original 8/18: Compared to Android 12, the Android 13 media controls begin with a new size that is taller. The tiny version is only available in landscape mode. This enables a bigger cover image sample, however it only displays a rectangular crop of the original square artwork.

The device output switcher is still located across from the responsible apps icon in the top-left corner. Next, in the lines below, are the title and artist of the song or podcast.

The play/pause button, which changes from a circle to a rounded square and back again on tap, can be found at the right edge of apps that have been optimized (or targeted) for Android 13. A lovely finishing touch is the progress bar, which squirms to indicate what you’ve already listened to.

12 versus 13 Android

The squiggling is still present in apps that haven’t been updated for Android 13, however the bottom row is highly crowded because each button is situated on a single line. Up to five actions can be seen in the progress bar, which is located at the far left. Newer apps have next/back or forward/rewind buttons flanking that line, and the remaining operations are displayed to the right.

Only a small number of significant apps have been upgraded as of this week’s debut of Android 13, however there are a few first-party clients where you can try out the new player.

Achieved Android 13 optimization

Part of the Google app Chrome : Google Podcasts Web-based media playback YouTube Music YouTube : Now in stable Update 9/10 :

Principal applications that haven’t been updated:
Old vs. new Apple Music Spotify SoundCloud Tidal Pandora Pocket Casts

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