Where to obtain the cheapest prices on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 preorders?

Samsung’s foldable cellphones cost a little less than prior models, but they are still pricy. Here are the places to pre-order the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 thanks to Samsung and its partners, who provide some of the finest pre-order discounts in the industry.

Pre-orders for the Galaxy Z FOLD 4 and FLIP 4 The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 are smartphones designed to address the most significant shortcomings of their predecessors. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 receives a larger battery, a better camera, and minor build quality changes. The Fold 4 gets a better outside display, a flagship-level camera, and numerous other significant upgrades.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 are available for pre-order from almost every major store, much like any other significant Samsung release. That contains:

Samsung.com Best Buy Verizon ATandamp;T US Cellular T-Mobile Xfinity Mobile Samsung.com Best Buy Samsung.com 0 Samsung.com 1 Samsung.com 2 Samsung.com 3 Samsung.com 4 WHICH STORE HAS THE BEST PRICES? Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 trade-in offers and deals are some of the best in the industry, according to Samsung.

DEALS FOR PRE-ORDERING GALAXY Z FOLD 4 Galaxy Z Fold 4 is now available for a free memory upgrade starting with Samsung.com , delivering the 512GB model for the same price as the 256GB model, and granting up to $1,000 in trade-in credit. You may obtain the entire $1,000 with the Galaxy Z fold 3, Fold 2, or Galaxy S22 Ultra. The promotion also includes a free Standing Cover with S Pen and a free one-year extension of Samsung Care .

When purchasing Samsung.com 7, you can earn $200 in additional Samsung.com credit by using our exclusive links, Samsung.com 5 | Samsung.com 6.

The next person is Best Buy . During the pre-order time, you can purchase the 512GB model for the same price as the 256GB option, and the retailer is also providing increased trade-in credits for the product.

Starting with Samsung.com 1, let’s talk about carriers. One of the better discounts we’ve seen is the carrier’s $1,000 trade-in credit, which is available when you trade in any Samsung Galaxy smartphone. The same memory upgrade is also included, along with a free Samsung case.

Samsung.com 0 is giving away $800 with trade-ins, $200 more for new lines, a free RAM upgrade, and 50% off a few cases. Free storage upgrades, trade-in discounts of up to $1,000, a free case, and a $1,000 promotion with new Magenta Max lines are all being offered by Samsung.com 3.

Samsung.com 4 and Samsung.com 8 both provide discounts of up to $450. A free Standing Cover and doubling storage are available from Samsung.com 2.

DEALS FOR PRE-ORDERING GALAXY Z FLIP 4 The Galaxy Z Flip 4 is, however, qualified for some even better deals, and in many situations, you may receive the phone for nothing.

Along with the same free case and memory doubling as on the Galaxy Fold 4, Samsung.com is giving away up to $900 with trade-ins towards the Galaxy Z Flip 4.

The Flip 4 is absolutely free thanks to ATandamp;T ‘s $1,000 trade-in credit offer when you trade in any Samsung Galaxy smartphone, much like with the Fold. This also includes the free case and the memory upgrade.

With trade-ins, Verizon is providing $800, an additional $200 for new lines, a free RAM upgrade, and certain cases at 50% off. With trade-ins and new lines on Magenta Max, T-Mobile is giving away the Flip 4 for free, while other plans are discounted by 50%. Additionally, you can receive a free case and a free RAM upgrade. Xfinity Mobile and Samsung.com 8 are both giving away up to $450 off. US Cellular is giving away a free Silicone Ring Case and double the storage.

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