When you purchase the Echo Show 15, Amazon will give you a free Echo Show 5.

Amazon is offering an Echo Show 5 with it for free in an effort to get rid of some of its Echo Show 15 units. You can therefore get two Echo Show smart screens for just $249, which is the price of the Echo Show 15 alone. These two are both 2021 models.

The Echo Show 15 was a quite intriguing item that was unveiled last year. It is essentially a 15-inch Echo Show that you can stand on a desk or table in your house or put on the wall. The idea is that it can function as a digital picture frame. especially considering that Amazon Photos are integrated and functional.

It has a camera that can be hidden if you’d like in the corner. However, you may utilize that camera to monitor your home when you’re not there by using it as a security camera. Since it is directly in the white bezel, it is somewhat noticeable if the shutter is not covering it.

Advertisement At around 5 inches, the Echo Show 5 is a little bit smaller. This is intended for a desk or nightstand, for example. Although most people will use it to display the time, it may also display images.

You can stream video from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and other services on both models. You’ll have to watch it on the browser because YouTube isn’t really supported. This isn’t the nicest user experience and is quite unexpected given that Google has previously made YouTube available on the Fire TV. Both are excellent for a variety of uses, including following cooking instructions and video conversations with loved ones.

This package, which comes with the Amazon Echo Show 15 and Echo Show 5, is available on Amazon today by clicking here . However, you must go quickly because this sale won’t last for long.

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