When will there be an update for my Galaxy Watch 4 or 5? See below for instructions and Samsung’s schedule.

There’s frequently a decent chance that one is awaiting installation thanks to Samsung’s frequent One UI Watch updates. This post will demonstrate how to check for software updates on your Galaxy Watch 4 or 5 in that scenario.

HOW COME ONLY THE WATCH 4 AND 5? When the Galaxy Watch 4 was first introduced, it included a combination of Wear OS 3 and Tizen. Although it may seem chaotic, the Galaxy Watch 4 series was given a genuinely wonderful experience thanks to this novel combination of platforms.

The Galaxy Watch 5 utilizes the same operating system, but one that is more recent. Since One UI Watch is the operating system for both of these watches, the procedure for processing software updates is essentially the same.

You can update your Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Watch 5 in two different methods. The first method would be to utilize the watch itself, albeit you would need to use the Wear OS device’s menu system. The second method, which involves your associated Android device and the Samsung Wearable app, is the one we advise.

How to upgrade your Galaxy Watch 4 or 5 is as follows:

YOU’RE USING AN ANDROID PHONE. Go to the Samsung Wearable app on your paired Android device. Select the paired watch that needs to be updated. Select Watch settings. Navigate to the bottom and select Watch software update. Click Install and download.

update galaxy watch 5

update galaxy watch 4 and 5
update galaxy watch 5

The new version will then start downloading on your phone, which will then be able to transmit it to your watch.

YOUR GALAXY WATCH, FROM From the primary watch face, swipe downward. Click the settings wheel. Click Software update after scrolling down. Click Install and download.

Although the process doesn’t take too long, depending on how many apps are put onto your Watch 4 or Watch 5, the optimization phase may take some time. Use your watch as usual while the update downloads. You must, however, give the Galaxy Watch time to complete the installation process.

Samsung has promised to provide Galaxy Watches with upgrades for many years to come, just like its phones. For the time being, watches like the Watch 3 and Active 2 are still receiving updates.

With regard to the Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung has promised four years’ worth of updates beginning with the device’s initial introduction in 2021, so owners may anticipate continuing software updates until late 2025.

The same 4-year plan should be applied to a Galaxy Watch 5 if you possess one, providing you with upgrades through 2026. For people who wish to use their smartphone as long as possible, this is a major advantage. Since Samsung has already demonstrated its willingness to send quality-of-life updates to earlier models, your Watch 4 or Watch 5 should continue to receive these updates for a while.

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