When edited, this is how Twitter will update embedded tweets.

Twitter is introducing the edit button at its own leisure. The corporation has yet to start conducting open testing of the much sought function, which was announced earlier this year. But now that we know how Twitter will handle embedded modified tweets, it’s all thanks to renowned app researcher Jane Manchun Wong.

Wong’s research indicates that when an altered tweet is embedded on a website, Twitter will display the last edited timestamp. It will show up beneath the tweet’s text. By clicking on the timestamp, users will probably be able to view more details about the edit and potentially the original tweet as well.

The revised version of a tweet, however, won’t show up on the website if it was updated after being embedded. Twitter will notify you that a fresh version of the tweet is available in its place. Once more, the alert will be visible beneath the tweet’s text and is likely to guide viewers to the app’s newly updated tweet. These two scenarios are illustrated in Wongs tweet , which is embedded below (via The Verge ).

Advertisement The fact that Twitter is still developing its edit feature is important to note here. Therefore, the corporation may decide to update these implementations as needed. As the work goes on, it might find better strategies for handling altered tweets that are embedded. We’ll update you on all the most recent information regarding Twitter’s edit feature.

THE EDIT BUTTON ON TWITTER WILL BE RESERVED FOR BLUE SUBSCRIBERS. For many years, users of Twitter have wished they could modify their tweets. However, the business put it off for the longest time before finally giving in earlier this year. It appears that the social network intended to pay to access this feature. That’s because when it launches, the edit button will only be available to Twitter Blue subscribers.

Advertisement For those who are unfamiliar, Twitter Blue is a paid subscription service that includes extra features including unique app icons and themes, a movable navigation bar, a bookmarks folder, support for lengthier videos, and more. The most notable feature once it is available will be the capacity to modify tweets. Hopefully, the latter will eventually be included to Twitter’s free version as well.

The business recently raised the monthly subscription fee for Twitter Blue from $2.99 to $4.99. For current customers, the higher pricing will take effect in October. Perhaps at the same time, or at least during open testing, the edit button will also become available. We’ll see.


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