What is Ring Protect, and is it expensive? All the Information You Need

The company’s subscription services for its doorbells, cameras, and alarms are called Ring Protect. It gives your devices more features, like the capacity to download videos and additional video history.

The actual query, though, is: Do you require it? And is the price tag justified? We will cover all the information you require regarding Ring Protect in this article.

RING PROTECT: WHAT IS IT? You can choose to subscribe to the Ring Protect Plan, which will get you access to paid services for various Ring devices. That includes security alarms, security cameras, and video doorbells. You can save, watch, and share video recordings from your Ring devices to your Ring account if you have a Ring Protect Plan. You can still view Ring Doorbell and camera real-time footage and respond to doorbell notifications without a plan. But those occurrences won’t be captured on tape.

Advertisement Ring Protect is a highly handy subscription even though it is not necessary.

WHAT IS THE PRICE OF RING PROTECT? Ring Protect can be activated for just $3.99 per month or $39.99 per year. That is for the Basic Plan, which is primarily designed for people who only have one camera or doorbell. Therefore, this is an excellent alternative if you’re just getting started with Ring.

Additionally, Ring offers Plus and Pro plans. For $10 per month or $100 per year, Plus will cover all of your home security cameras and doorbells. Pro, on the other hand, does that and adds expert monitoring to the Ring Alarm for $20 per month or $200 per year.

Advertisement Ring Protect Basic will be ideal for most users. However, you will need to upgrade to the Plus plan if you utilize more than just a doorbell. It’s regrettable that they don’t offer an intermediate option for someone with a doorbell and a camera, which would cost $5 or $6 each month. But that is the reality.

WHAT ARE THE AVAILABLE PLANS? The Ring Protect plans are fairly self-explanatory, but we’ll compare the three in the table below to show you how they compare.

Advertisement It’s important to note that the Plus and Pro plans are only accessible within the United States.

Basic $3.99/month $39.99 annually plus $10/month $100 for a pro $20/month $200/year Up to 180 days of video history storing and sharing videos Snapshot Alerts for Persons Captured Detailed Notifications Alexa, who frequently stops by Greetings One-tenth off a few goods on Amazon.com and Ring.com On Ring.com, you can download up to 50 videos at once. Extensions to All Device Warranties professional monitoring alarms round-the-clock cellular backup Alexa Protect Plus Ring Alarm or Ring Alarm Pro’s in-app SOS button Ring Alarm or Ring Alarm Pro duress code 24-hour Internet backup with optional data Eero Secure’s digital security With Local Video Storage and Ring Edge Save at least $100 annually on your home insurance DO I NEED TO PURCHASE RING PROTECT ON A MONTHLY OR ANNUAL PLAN? Both monthly and yearly Protect subscriptions are available from Ring. The yearly plan is slightly less expensive as normal. In essence, you’re paying for 10 months and get two extra. Therefore, the monthly cost for the Plus plan is $8.33 as opposed to $10 if you pay monthly. So it’s wise to keep that in mind.

But if you’re not sure if you want to keep the Ring Protect plan, paying monthly can be a good idea at first. But keep in mind that when you activate a new product, you do receive a free trial. The 30-day free trial is available.

Advertisement DOES A FREE TRIAL EXIST? Protect does have a free trial offered by Ring. Every time you register a new device, you’ll receive a free 30-day trial that kicks off right away. It cannot be delayed; once the device is turned on, it begins immediately.

The only exception to this rule is if you already have a Ring Protect subscription in the same area as the new device.

You can utilize all of the Ring Protect features during the trial period, including the 10% Ring.com and Amazon.com discount. The Ring.com discount is valid in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand whereas the Amazon discount is only valid in the US.

Advertisement You might have a longer Ring Protect trial if you purchased a package from Costco. The length of the trial may vary, but the trial itself is the same. To receive all the information, you’ll need to examine the Costco package you purchased.

CAN I EVER CANCEL RING PROTECT? Yes, you can terminate your Ring Protect subscription at any time, but you must do so via the Ring website.

You will receive a refund whether you cancelled an annual or monthly plan. Ring Protect will end the day you request it to, unlike some other subscriptions. As a result, Ring will issue a prorated refund to the credit or debit card on your account. In the event that you forget to cancel Ring Protect and are charged for a yearly plan, it is actually incredibly convenient to have. It’s possible to get everything back, which is fantastic.


IS RING PROTECT VALUE FOR MONEY? It is most definitely worthwhile if you have a significant financial stake in the Ring ecosystem. Even at $3.99 a month, it might not be fully worthwhile if you only have one device.

Even while Ring’s insistence that you subscribe to their service in order to retrieve any recorded films is somewhat irksome, at least it isn’t outrageously expensive. You probably won’t need to download those videos very frequently. That’s good news, then.

Advertisement The Pro package is absolutely worthwhile if you have a Ring Video Doorbell 4, a Ring Spotlight Cam, and a Ring Alarm. because you do have expert oversight. Given that rival companies like Simplisafe and ADT charge $20 a month or more only for expert monitoring, you are getting much more here than you would elsewhere.

It is therefore worthwhile, but the choice is ultimately up to you and how you intend to use Ring items in your house.


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