What Does Haptic Touch Mean and How Can You Use It?

Theoretically, Haptic Touch can help you complete some tasks more quickly than you would otherwise be able to. If an app is supported, you can hold down the icon for it to generate a menu that will immediately transport you to, for example, a certain window inside the program. With 3D Touch, you no longer need to push down on certain app icons very firmly to activate them; instead, you can simply hold your finger on them until the app activates or displays a popup with options.

On any iPhone with Haptic Touch support, the torch and camera icons on the lock screen now open with a long press as opposed to a hard push. The space bar on the keyboard may also be held down until it transforms into a track pad that lets you scroll over any text you’re currently typing.

Go to Settings -andgt; Accessibility -andgt; Touch -andgt; 3D andamp; Haptic Touch to set the amount of time you must press your down before Haptic Touch activates. In the “Touch Duration” area, you have the option to switch between Fast and Slow.


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