Weather, news, and other widgets have been added to the redesigned {U: Testing continues}

The Google homepage has a reputation for offering a simple user experience with a large search area. In order to create a user experience akin to Discover, Google Search is currently testing a row of cards on desktop websites.

Update 8/31: Over the past day, more individuals have started to see widgets on their Google Search homepage. The cards themselves have not changed much, however it is strange that the Hide content switch in the bottom-right corner is missing.

Additionally, there aren’t any personalization options like there were with the brand-new prompt that debuted earlier this month. Hopefully, this is not the feature’s final configuration.

Update 8/4: After their initial appearance in February, which was short-lived, widgets on the Google homepage are currently undergoing more extensive testing. We’ve had two reports of individuals momentarily witness it live in recent days.

The novelty is a Introducing the new card, which asks you to sign in before customizing. After that, tapping Make the space yours triggers a Hello, what interests you? window that allows widget customization Among the choices are:

What to Watch, Local Events, Weather, Trending Searches, Top Stories, Stock Market, Your Top Stocks, and Air Quality

Google Search cards
Google Search cards
Google Search cards

The cards are been extended by default to be squares rather than the earlier shorter rectangles. This makes it possible to display more information quickly.

Given the company’s prior demand that the homepage remain simplistic, it is somewhat interesting that this experience is being marketed as the new Nevertheless, these resources might be useful, and the user-facing statement raises the possibility that a wider launch is approaching.

Original 2/16: These cards can be found on at the very bottom. While Google notes your zip code and city and states that the information provided is based on your prior behavior, there is a Hide content button in the bottom-right corner. Six cards are presented when the window is fully opened, and they all expand when hovered over:

Condition (with) temperature icon for the weather. three-day hover forecast Cover photo with search volume in style What to Watch: Films and television shows with cover art Stocks/markets: Hovering day graph Local Events: Including a date The complete site result is opened by COVID News Tapping together with the customary Knowledge Panel card and/or a relevant Google Search result. Your screen’s resolution determines how many cards will display, and there is no way to scroll and view more without physically extending the window.

Google Search cards
Google Search cards
Google Search cards

Today, this is only being made available on two Google Accounts, despite being on several signed-in devices. As a result, this is probably a test to see if a complete rollout is necessary.

Google’s 9TO5 This closely resembles the Google Discover experience, but without making users read through yet another feed. The business was certain in 2018 that Discover would not be going to the desktop web, just mobile.

Today, Google Search is testing a feature that is similar to widgets and adds extra value to a well-liked web page without interfering with the site’s clean aesthetic. The most beneficial feature is undoubtedly the weather, and this strategy is preferable to the congested Chrome New Tab page. It also evokes memories of the iGoogle dashboard era.

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