We can now ship more steam decks sooner, according to Valve.

Customers of Steam Deck should be happy to hear that Valve can now deliver more units more quickly as a result of supply chain improvements.

We’re happy to report that, as of this Friday, the firm announced (Opens in a new window) will be able to satisfy demand for everyone in the reservation queue earlier than we had anticipated.

Manufacturing bottlenecks in the supply chain, according to Valve, have largely been resolved. The business continued, “And we’re ramping production so we can manufacture more Decks faster than ever before.”

Tweet (Opens in a new window) As a result, everyone on the queue for a Steam Deck should get one before the year is up.

The Q3 (July-September) window has been expanded to include many clients who were in the Q4 or later window. Valve said, “And everyone else is now firmly in the Q4 (October-December) window.”

New customers who pre-order a Steam Deck can also anticipate receiving their unit this year thanks to supply chain improvements. Depending on the model, new orders will be filled in this year’s Q3 or Q4, according to the company’s website (Opens in a new window) to buy the goods. But according to Valve, if these lines get too long, the quarter will end and move on to the next.

Due to a scarcity of components, the company previously had to postpone the Steam Decks launch from December to this past February. Additionally, because Valve was compelled to fill the pre-orders in constrained weekly batches, many customers had to wait several months for their products to arrive.


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However, starting in April, Valve stepped up production of the portable gaming PC, which has gotten overwhelmingly excellent reviews from customers. The Steam Deck should now be simpler for anyone to purchase thanks to the enhanced supply chain. Existing pre-order buyers can visit Valve’s website (Opens in a new window) to see when their item is expected to ship.

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