Version 4.26 of the Google Stadia Android app is currently rolling out and contains improvements to the app’s Claim all button for Stadia Pro subscribers as well as support for new languages.

Regarding APK Insight: We’ve decompiled the most recent version of an app that Google put on the Play Store in our APK Insight post. When we decompile these files—known as APKs for Android apps—we can find numerous lines of code that allude to potential future features. Remember that Google might or might not ever deploy these features, and our understanding of what they are might be limited. However, we’ll try to give those that are nearly finished a chance to demonstrate how they’ll seem if they do ship. Read on with that in mind.

CLICK EVERY BUTTON Stadia Pro subscribers receive a fresh selection of games each month that may be freely claimed for your account and are yours to keep as long as your subscription is active. The Claim all option on Stadia’s web interface gives Pro members an easy method to add every game that is currently available to their account.

For new users who probably don’t want to click through 50 different game listings and claim each one separately, this is extremely practical. However, the mobile app has not yet added this practical feature.

A few new pieces of code in Stadia 4.26 lead us to believe that the mobile app may soon have a comparable Claim all option.

FOR STADA: NEW LANGUAGES Google previously declared that Stadia and, subsequently, its underlying Google Cloud service Immersive Stream would be arriving to Mexico in the near future. Stadia 4.26 adds some concrete preparation for that launch by adding support for the Spanish dialect known as es-MX, which is spoken in Mexico.

Support for two additional languages is also included in the upgrade; the first of these is es-419, which corresponds to Spanish as it is spoken in Latin America and the Caribbean. Turkish is abbreviated as tr, which is the second new language code. Notably, Stadia is not now available in Turkey or Northern Cypress, the two main Turkish-speaking countries, though there are surely people who speak Turkish elsewhere in the world who may find this addition useful.

Even if it’s conceivable that these additional language additions could indicate that Stadia will premiere in other regions, this is still just early speculation. messages es-419.dart messages es-MX.dart messages tr.dart

AVERAGES AND ENDS There are also a few references to MyLibraryLink in Stadia 4.26. What this alludes to is not entirely obvious based only on the existing hints. Only time will tell, but one theory is that it might be a simple method to share a link that showcases all of the games in your Stadia collection.

Update 8/11: Since this article was published, it has been brought to our attention that MultiStream (seen below) is part of the core libraries of the Dart programming language, implying that its inclusion has nothing to do with a recent Stadia innovation. We regret the mistake.

Multistream controller (_MultiStream)
Thanks for the tip!

The ongoing Stadia motion control support, which allows phone tilts and movements to be translated into controller presses, appears to be going well. What initially appears to be a URL in this most recent version is most likely the name of a Flutter plugin’s platform channel name.

Google Stadia’s device motion page

Finally, there are a few references to a Tips And Tricks dialog window within the application. It’s unclear if this will be something new, such as game-specific guidance for taking on a new challenge, or if it will just be a reworking of Stadia’s suggestions for enhancing your network and streaming quality.

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