Valve will complete all reservations for Steam Deck sooner than anticipated.

In a recent update released this morning, Valve stated that it would be able to complete all of the Steam Deck bookings that are being made sooner than anticipated. It attributes a significant portion of its ability to meet demand more quickly than anticipated to supply chain problems clearing up.

The Steam Deck has been kept locked behind a barrier ever since it was introduced, much like all other massively successful consumer devices. One marked by low supplies and lines as a result of strong demand and scarcity. Of course, the dearth of supply was a result of Valve’s inability to obtain parts as quickly as it required. However, it appears that these issues are beginning to fade. It has become so bad that Valve has moved people forward in line.

All current reservations for steam decks have been moved up to Q3 Valves update today has the biggest effects on you if you’re still waiting for your Steam Deck. Anyone who was scheduled to receive the Deck in Q4 or later has now been moved up to Q3, according to the business. So, between now and the end of September, those people will be able to purchase the Steam Deck. Any new bookings will be pushed to this year’s fourth quarter. which spans October to December.

Advertisement However, if the Q4 queue gets too long, new reservations may still be delayed until the following year. Valve is still stepping up manufacturing, though. and can manufacture more Steam Decks more quickly than before.

Less individuals should scalp the console due to the quicker fulfillment. It will take some time, though, for that to totally dry out.

The ongoing wait for the Steam Deck Dock may possibly be explained by Valves’ focus on increasing Steam Deck output. The official add-on, which has also had supply chain problems, enables users to connect the Deck to TVs and monitors so they can play games on larger screens.

Advertisement Good news: By the end of the year, everyone who has a reservation can obtain their Steam Deck! All remaining reservations are now in Q4, the supply chain concerns have been resolved, and a few of people have been bumped up to Q3.

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