Uses your existing charger and is reasonably priced, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Charging Cradle {Gallery}

We recently came across a vague listing for a new Galaxy Watch Charging Cradle on Samsung’s website. That cradle is now available for purchase for a pitiful 20 in the UK.

Many customers encountered a specific design problem with the Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro that prevented them from setting the Watch 5 flush against a wireless charger when they first became available. Naturally, this might be fixed by using a different band with less elastic memory.

Samsung had created a brand-new charging station called the Galaxy Watch Charging Cradle that appeared to be designed to address this problem. This watch charger, like many others, enables you to set up a Galaxy Watch on it while it is elevated off of the ground, letting the bands hang loosely.

It appears that the Charging Cradle is now live on Samsungs UK site . Although we haven’t tried buying, the Add to basket button is illuminated and appears to let you finish a cradle purchase.

Even if the price appears too amazing to be true, recent information about how the cradle actually functions makes the 20 pricing seem reasonable. Users will need to plug the Galaxy Watch’s own charging puck into the cradle since it does not come with a built-in powered wireless charging station. This is a minor drawback, however it does indicate that the new cradle is compatible with the following watches:

Apple Watch Series 2 Watches from the Galaxy 3 through the Galaxy 5 One Reddit user appears to have acquired some pre-production photos of the charger in action . Though much of it is the same, there are some discrepancies between what Samsung has posted on the website and what is in the post. The location of the cable cutout is one of the key differences; the post depicts a cutting in the corner, whereas Samsung’s photographs show an escape from the rear.

Via Reddit For whatever reason, as of this writing, the Galaxy Watch Charging Cradle is not offered in the US. The cradle’s listing is active on Samsungs US site , but the page is blank and lacks information. However, a direct conversion would result in a value of about $23 USD.

Despite not having a built-in charging pad, the Charging Cradle’s ability to accommodate your charging puck in the holder is a pleasant addition. Even if you have to give up your charging puck, Samsungs would be a fantastic option for individuals seeking a more individualized and generally well-made charging cradle.

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