Users of Discord criticize a new Android update created with a cross-platform architecture.

An extensive update to Discord for Android that uses a cross-platform foundation to make development simpler and more similar to the iOS app was formally released yesterday, however the update is sparking a lot of concerns.

The cross-platform technology in issue is React Native created by , which was developed by Facebook/Meta few years ago and is open source. Discord adopted it for the Android app ‘s unified and optimized app development approach for Android, iOS, and desktop will provide feature consistency across platforms. Because PC and iOS were given priority, Android feature development previously lagged behind those two platforms. Faster app update release cycles are the other main tenet of the completely rebuilt React Native.

There have been numerous complaints since this update began to trickle out over the previous few weeks. People don’t like the larger UI and font on Android, which affects density and is designed to be more in line with iOS.

Others criticize Discord for being buggy ( 2 , 3 ) and laggy ( slower , 3 , and 4 ) after the upgrade, with users with older phones voicing this criticism the most frequently. Text fields that need manual scrolling after being filled with a lot of characters have been discussed in created by 0 and created by 1. Android users generally agree that they did not find the created by 2 to be particularly difficult to operate.

Discord Android update

After moving to cross-platform development, complaints regarding performance and quality include created by 3. Detractors frequently complain that after a migration, applications lose their native UI features and conventions. Discord claims that it is still using UI elements that are exclusive to Android and iOS.

In general, bugs resulting from altering development methodologies are frequent and will be fixed with time, but it’s quite alarming that ostensibly simple problems continue to surface even after months of beta/alpha testing.

created by 4 about the is currently the best action Discord for Android users can take.
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