Users Can Now Edit Microsoft Office Files Offline With Google Workspace

Google’s Workspace now has a new feature that intensifies the rivalry with Microsoft Office. Users can now edit Microsoft Office documents on Google Workspace while offline.

The rivalry between Microsoft and Google has intensified. Both businesses are attempting to generate interest in their respective workplace solutions. Google Workspace is older than Microsoft Office, but Google appears committed on upsetting its longtime competitor. The company added an offline editing option to Workspace as a result.

Googles announcement states that users will have access to Microsoft Office file editing capabilities within the Workspace even if they are not connected to the Internet. You can now edit, comment, and collaborate on Office files using Docs, Sheets, and Slides even while your device is offline. Google highlighted that any modifications made to files while you are disconnected will sync to Drive once you are back online.

Advertisement Additionally, Google claims that this functionality extends Google Workspace’s collaborative features to Microsoft Office files.

Microsoft 365 AND GOOGLE WORKSPACE ARE DIRECT COMPETITORS Google initially made a new capability to work with Microsoft Office files in Google Docs and other comparable platforms official in 2019. Google has worked hard in recent months to add a ton of fresh, exciting features to the Workspace family. To lure consumers away from Microsoft Office is the aim.

Each platform has advantages of its own. The Office Suite programs for Windows and Microsoft Office have a distinctive connection. Google, on the other hand, provides a smooth real-time collaboration and hybrid working experience.

Advertisement TechRadar ‘s research, however, shows that Microsoft Office continues to dominate the market. According to the research, only 15% of businesses select Google Workspace while 58% choose Microsoft 365. Additionally, Q1 2022 income from Google’s cloud services might total $5 billion. The productivity division of Microsoft has the potential to bring the firm $15 billion during the same period.

This is why Google is giving its Workspace apps a lot of attention. A disparity of $10 billion is too large to be ignored.


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