Users Aren’t Reporting Any Issues with Their Phones’ Displays

Some Nothing Phone (1) devices appear to be experiencing display problems. That didn’t take long because the units only recently began shipping after the launch. There have been quite a few reports about how the display appears to be lighting green for users in various ways.

USERS HAVE BEGUN REPORTING PROBLEMS WITH THE NOTHING PHONE’S (1) DISPLAY. Let’s tackle each report individually. The first case involves a device that was purchased from Flipkart in India. A customer bought a phone, received a bad one, and mailed it back. The green tint on the other device he received has the same issue, as illustrated below.

Wow @Flipkart fantastic job; you managed to ship two phones with faulty screens in the space of two days. Even the new phone has a tint problem. You guys have merely another day @getpeid @nothing @AmreliaRuhez @geekyranjit @TrakinTech @igyaan .

Promotional content (@ ViaHeart_) July 15, 2022

However, it’s not the only complaint mentioning a green tinge. Harish Jangra, another user, also posted about his issue on Twitter. He posted a photo of his phone that clearly had a green tint at the top.

Advertisement I just got my first phone and noticed that the screen has a green tint at the top of the display. Please fix this; I’m quite upset. If you’re a fan of the phone’s beauty, please replace it or fix it. You can contact support at email protected. @Flipkart 0

(@hishu0808) Harish Jangra ( @Flipkart 1)

Advertisement The same is true for Twitter user IronHrt, except in his instance, as seen in the tweet and video below, the green tint is only visible at the bottom of the monitor.

@Flipkart 2 @getpeid @nothing

Hello Carl, the “Green Tint display” problem has been present in some of the earlier OP phones as well, thus there is nothing new in the Nothing Phone 1. So what exactly is the hubbub about? @geekyranjit @Flipkart 3 @igyaan @Flipkart 4

IronHrt @Flipkart 5 (@IronHrt2018)

Advertisement Users are also reporting dead pixels. Those problems with the green tint are one thing, but they are not the only issue. People at Beebom reported starting to notice dead pixels close to the punch hole. Three hours after using the phone, they first noticed this. The problem is displayed below.

This morning, we received the Indian retail unit of the Nothing phone. And after only three hours, we already notice dead pixels around our unit’s selfie camera. Disappointing!!

Advertisement Any of you experiencing @Flipkart 6 hardware issues comparable to these? @Flipkart 7
Beebom @Flipkart 8 (@beebomco)
Advertisement A similar problem was discovered on a unit owned by Twitter user Shubham Saxena, who also uploaded a picture of his problem there.

@nothing Yesterday, I acquired Nothing Phone 1, and after an hour, this dead pixel showed up. What shall we now do with this? @Flipkart 9

Shubham Saxena, @getpeid 0 (@shubhroxstar)

Advertisement Nothing Support has reportedly acknowledged this problem, according to @getpeid 1. Whether this is a software or hardware problem is still unknown. This could be a major issue for Nothing if it turns out to be hardware-related.

Having said that, other other devices have experienced similar problems in the past, so this is not new. Great examples are the Galaxy Note 20 and S20, and certain OnePlus phones are also included. These are but a few instances.


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