US Telecom Companies Want To Display Ads On Android’s Lockscreen Glance Is Powered By Google

Many apps and platforms rely heavily on advertisements for revenue. Because of this, the majority of applications will gather a lot of information about you personally and use it to display advertisements based on your searches and other activities on your devices.

On their lock screens and other app operations, however, many smartphone manufacturers are known to place advertisements. For instance, when you delete or install any software on various Xiaomi devices, advertisements appear.

What happens if this enters the Google-supported lock screen Glance? If this occurs, you’ll notice more Android smartphone lockscreens showing advertisements in the US.

Advertisement In a recent report, 9To5Google stated that Glance, a firm that offers lockscreen advertising services for Android handsets, is searching for ways to start running advertisements in the US. Instead of only testing it, they intend to push out the feature in the next two months.

Android phones have a dynamic lockscreen that can display adverts, news, and even some games in addition to changing the wallpaper randomly to give it a new look.

In the Asian market, GLANCE offers its services to more than 400 million smartphones. A subsidiary of the Indian advertising company InMobi, Glance is a business that has received funding from Google. Furthermore, because the settings are occasionally hidden under numerous options, removing the dynamic lockscreen feature can be a little difficult.

Advertisement In reality, several Samsung and Realme devices also use lockscreen advertisements. Glance, which sells more than 400 million smartphones in Asia, is attempting to introduce lockscreen advertisements to Android handsets in the US.

According to rumors, the business is in discussions with US carriers. As early as next month, they hope to have a plan in place to introduce lockscreen ads across a number of smartphone models.

According to 9To5Google, premium offers will be included in lockscreen advertising in the US, where consumers are more likely to pay for digital services.

Advertisement In contrast to Asia, where Glance partners with smartphone makers to display ads on lockscreens, the startup is working directly with carriers in the US. This is so because carriers account for the majority of smartphone purchases in the US.

In the US, Glance is now accessible on top of Android TV and will soon be available on smartphones. Every smartphone user in the US may find this new step to be quite inconvenient given how much Google already does in the area of advertisements.


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