Urbanista introduces a new solar-powered competitor to the wireless earphone market.

The wireless earbud market is oversaturated with the same goods in various shells, as I’ve already stated and will do so again. Because of it, what Urbanista is doing is incredibly intriguing and novel. The business just debuted the Urbanista Phoenix, a new set of wireless solar-powered earbuds that extend listening duration.

With their solar-powered headphones from Urbanista, which featured a panel lined in the headband that would capture the sun while you were out and about, the company pioneered the idea of wireless audio. Since wearing the headphones allowed you to maintain a full charge for what amounted to eternal listening, the concept was that you would never actually need to charge them.

Now, Urbanista has created wireless solar earbuds using that design and the same practical solar technology. The Powerfoyle panels are lined in a somewhat awkward housing, unlike the solar headphones, which have tiny panels in the stems. Adding solar panels to the earphones themselves would undoubtedly be ineffective, as the greater surface area a solar panel has, the more electricity it can produce.

The drawback of this reasonable strategy is that the user would have to ensure that the charging case was left outside to gather energy. According to Urbanista, whether you’re indoors or out, almost any light will recharge the solar earbuds. The charging case ought to be drawing power from the ambient light as long as you can see it.

Urbanista solar earbuds Phoenix
Urbanista Phoenix

You would never be able to wear these for more than the 36 hours Urbanista claims the solar-powered earbuds can last, in contrast to the headphones the business previously produced. You’d need to periodically remove the buds when the charge runs low because the case is outfitted with the panel. Up to 8 hours of continuous playtime is possible with the Phoenix earbuds. You can continue listening with the case on a single charge for up to 32 hours (via The Verge ). Fortunately, the case can charge via USB-C as a sort of fallback option if you can’t obtain a sufficient charge from direct sunshine.

The Phoenix earbuds have IPX4 sweat resistance, which is a respectable level of defense. Additionally, the earbuds contain Bluetooth 5.2 and offer multipoint pairing, which enables simultaneous connections from various devices. Additionally, Urbanista added a transparency option and hybrid ANC to the Phoenix earphones.

For a few months, Urbanistas Phoenix earbuds won’t be on sale. You should expect to pay roughly $149 for the solar-powered earphones, which come in a black and pink color scheme, when they finally go on sale.

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