Updates to the audio player and the Material browser are provided by Chrome OS 49.


Earlier this month, Chrome 49 for Android and browsers was released. Although it offered numerous new APIs and made numerous internal improvements for developers, it mainly lacked new user features. On the other hand, version 49 for Chrome OS adds a Material Design audio player and offers an updated preview of how the browser will look after the Material overhaul.

The video player now uses Material, thanks to the most recent Chrome OS upgrade. Similar updates are made to the Audio Player in this release. The majority of the functionality is still present, but the app has been greatly improved, with better button spacing. Additionally, album art support is now available. The files app will now display audio file artwork and a brief video preview.

Google said last month that Chrome 50 will give desktops and Chrome OS a Material overhaul. Users have been able to enable flags to see the new design in advance as of the most recent edition. The tabs in this variation are significantly higher and more acutely slanted. Although it is probably not the final version, this one resembles Google’s screenshots of the new appearance more and more.

For the Chromebook Pixel, this update also offers the option to select new keyboard layouts and a new notification. All Chrome OS devices are currently receiving the update.


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