Updated Workspace by Google Contains New Security Measures

To improve the security of its Workspace suite, Google is releasing a new upgrade. It now alerts administrators to highly sensitive and crucial configuration changes, assisting in the early detection and mitigation of possible cybersecurity catastrophes.

Google has specified the timeframe for when Workspace admins will receive these security alerts in an blog post . First of all, the alert will be sent out if the primary admin is changed. Furthermore, administrators will be informed if a third-party SSO (single sign-on) profile has been added and made available for their company. The notifications will also appear when a third-party SSO profile is updated or deleted. Last but not least, a super admin account password reset will also result in a security notification.

When these events are discovered in the audit record, security alarms will appear in the Alert Center. Super admins and workspace admins will also get an email with more details about the event. They can use investigative tools to look into the occurrence further if they have reason to believe there may be a security threat.

Advertisement According to Google, these extra intelligent alerts will closely monitor a number of sensitive events, making it simpler for admins to keep track of potentially harmful acts being made by bad actors and high-risk changes to their environment. In the future, the business intends to add notifications to Workspace for more similarly delicate occurrences and actions. Once it is ready, users will be updated.

MORE SECURITY TOOLS ARE ADDED BY GOOGLE TO WORKSPACE Google has added various security safeguards to its Workspace products over the past few months. In Docs, Drive, Chat, and other productivity tools, it has recently began displaying security banners that warn users of potentially harmful or malicious links or files. Users who have client-side encryption enabled for Docs, Sheets, and Slides can also duplicate an encrypted document that has already been created. Additionally, the business permits customers of a certain Workspace editions to configure Drive for Desktop as client-side encryption.

Google’s productivity and collaboration tools are now even more securely equipped thanks to the recently introduced warnings for sensitive events and actions. Accounts on the Scheduled Release and Rapid Release domains are now receiving these messages. In the coming weeks, it ought to be accessible to all qualified users. Google claims that it will be provided to all Workspace clients as well as traditional G Suite Basic and Business subscribers. For admins and super admins, the new security alerts—including the email notifications—are turned on by default. They are unable to mute it. Users will not be affected by the most recent Workspace upgrade.


Google Workspace new security measures
Google Workspace new security measures 2


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