Updated Sygic Navigation Has Improved Road Safety Features

Improved road safety features are being added to the platform by the well-known navigation app Sygic. It permits using mobile devices while driving as an additional safety measure. The phone can be used as an additional tool for camera-based functions when the navigation instructions are being displayed on the car’s display via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. The apps can be used concurrently on a phone and a car display thanks to the mandatory I’m not driving checkbox.

Using advanced Sygic features instead of traditional navigation using a map is intended to boost drivers’ concentration and confidence, according to Sygic in an press release . Additionally, the business is bringing together under the umbrella of SmartCam three of its cutting-edge camera-based features: DashCam, Real View Navigation, and Speed Limit Sign Recognition. This makes using the tools quicker and easier.

Real View Navigation overlays your navigation route over the actual real-world view of the path captured by the phone camera using augmented reality (AR). While the full map and navigation directions will appear on your car’s display, the route will be superimposed over a real-world image of the area on your phone (see featured image above).

Advertisement DashCam, as the name implies, records videos while the user is driving. This function allows you to program it to begin recording whenever it notices a sudden change in speed, which is frequently an indication of an impending accident or crash. The software uses data from the smartphone’s accelerometer sensor to track variations in speed.

Recognition of speed limit signs is also self-explanatory. It recognizes traffic signals and warns you if you exceed the posted speed limit on that particular road. In other words, Sygic has you covered even if your eyes miss the roadside board. However, the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico do not offer this service.

MORE NAVIGATION FEATURES ARE BEING PROVIDED TO SYGIC USERS Additionally, Android users may now add additional POIs (points of interest) to their Android Auto navigation route thanks to Sygic. Their current speed will also be reflected on the car’s display. While using CarPlay, iPhone users will immediately receive a navigation route to an event they’ve put to their Apple Calendar. But the exact location of the event must be listed in the calendar item. The iOS app will also soon have the option to add POIs.

Advertisement Last but not least, Sygic gives users the option to swap out the standard blue navigation arrow for a car icon. Users have a variety of makes and models to pick from, or they can utilize a van or formula icon. Along with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, this feature is accessible through mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.


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