Update to Samsung Calendar brings back long-gone natural language processing from Google Calendar

A recent update for the Samsung Calendar software is expected to offer a few significant improvements that bring back fond memories of Google Calendar’s earlier iterations. Users will find it simpler to manage group calendar invitations, and the Samsung Calendar app is slated to acquire a few settings for rapid add recommendations.

The Calendar app on Galaxy devices, like many other standard Samsung apps, is not at all horrible. There are many functions that one could need to keep track of their day or week, and it is simple to read.

The Samsung Calendar app has received some modifications in version that you may already be using without realizing it. The ability to check group calendar invitations from the calendar management page—the page where you select which calendars appear on the monthly view—is the first significant change.

The Samsung Calendar version also makes it possible to easily add geographical information to an event via the creation page. The Calendar app used to try to infer a time from an event’s title before this change in One UI 4. For instance, the Samsung Calendar might recommend changing the event’s time to 7 p.m. if you put in Lunch at 7. Now, the location can also be attempted to be determined using the same capability.

The option to remove the suggested time once it has been selected is another new useful addition to this feature set. Once your event is finished, this option works great to clear up your event title. Remove times from event titles is found under Calendar > Settings.

This and an older functionality on Google Calendar for the web are very similar. The last time this feature was spotted was in 2018. It has an since been dropped rating. Google would update the event to reflect the time in the title if you created events with the time. It was a very simple way to quickly create events. With the newly updated option to remove the time from the title after submission, Samsung has now almost completely restored the feature.

While by no means a significant update to the Samsung Calendar, these new options and capabilities improve upon an already capable software and make advantage of an excellent feature set.

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