Update from Yelp Brings 2022 Release of Top-Rated Restaurant Reviewing App

a well-known restaurant review and travel assistance service Through a recent update, Yelp aims to modernize both its service and app. After a test run on iOS, the improvements are being introduced on Android this month. They successfully cover the full range, including the Yelp UI and features like map integration.

Additionally assisting users in choosing a restaurant before making a reservation or reviewing one they’ve already been to is search, which will also be included in the mix.

WHAT HAS THE LATEST YELP APP UPDATE CHANGED? Now, as was already said, the majority of these modifications have already undergone testing on iOS. But Yelp claims that the assurance that it will update the Android app more regularly and faster is a significant component of this upgrade release. It might then become more comparable to Apple products.

Advertisement Beyond that, it will be nearly impossible to miss the shift. Not the least of which is that the photos here demonstrate how the change actually affects the entire experience.

The sign-up and sign-in pages have also been updated. Along with a new navigation bar, a new home feed that is vertically aligned is also coming soon. Yelp claims that should make it easier for users to access news from nearby companies and well-liked meal options. starting with local eateries that provide a map view.

There will also be more user-generated content displayed. Of course, users may utilize touch to move around the map and conduct more searches. On business sites, though, users will see greater photo highlights. Additionally, there is a better layout of pertinent information regarding the business in question.

Advertisement According to Yelp, a more visually-focused app makeover will eventually become available to more users. However, it’s not immediately obvious when it will arrive for each individual. The upcoming update will kick off the distribution in about 900 cities across the country.


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