Update for Google Duo adds the Meet symbol and name {U: iPhone live}

The Meet merger has recently been extensively released on Google Duo for Android and iOS. Following a mobile app upgrade, Google is now prepared to begin the next phase, during which the Meet icon and moniker will take the place of Duos.

8/22 update: The new Meet homescreen and splash screen were added to the iOS app earlier this month, just like they were on Android. The name (Google Duo) and blue app icon, however, remained the same up until this point.

The four-color video camera symbol is now used by Version 173.0.0 in its rollout via the App Store, and the app is now simply called Meet.

Update 8/5: The Meet logo is now included on Android in Google Duo version 172. Until you open the app to a Duo has been upgraded to Meet prompt and tap Continue, Duo’s blue icon is still visible.

If you only use one app for video calls and meetings, look for the Meet name and icon.
All of your video calling features will remain available. Continue sending messages, utilizing enjoyable filters or effects, and making video calls to family and friends.
Try setting up video conferences that everyone may attend. Plan a time when everyone can connect, and utilize virtual backdrops, chat, captions, and live sharing
Then, as the app lowers to Meet in alphabetical order, the launcher icon will switch to a white-backed, four-color Meet video camera.

The update has not yet been widely implemented, and the lacks the new branding at the moment. There isn’t a fresh release on AA3.

Google Duo Meet icon
Google Duo Meet icon

Original 8/3: The blue teardrop-shaped container with the white video camera inside it, known as the Google Duo icon from 2016, will no longer be used. The name of the device will change from Duo to Meet, and it will be replaced by a boxy, four-color camera.

Users will now have access to both video calling and meeting features, as detailed in a notification. For the latter, you must sign in using your Google Account (not just a phone number).

On mobile devices, the revamped Duo app still offers free video calling functionality. Messaging, contacts, and conversation history are all preserved.

Google Duo Meet icon

Beginning today, the Duo-to-Meet icon revisions for Android and iOS will be finished by September. In addition, the and App Store listings will also change. It happens at the same time as the original Google Meet app has recently been changed to Meet (original) with a green symbol. Even though functionality in the Gmail tab will continue, this legacy client will eventually disappear.

Users can continue to attend and book meetings using Meet (original) throughout this process, however we suggest utilizing the updated Google Meet app to receive unified video meeting and calling services in one location.

duo.google.com will soon sport the Google Meet branding, however there are currently no modifications to the calling features or functionality. The web application will switch to meet.google.com/calling in the coming months.

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