UI Redesign for YouTube Using Material You Elements

On all platforms, YouTube is getting a new user interface using Material You components. The home screen of the desktop and mobile YouTube web clients recently saw some changes. The mobile web version now displays rounded rectangular chips for various themes at the top of the screen, as first observed by 9to5Google . There used to be pill-shaped buttons on this carousel. The Explore tap is located at the far left of this carousel, much like on the mobile app. The Shorts tap is located in the middle of the bottom bar.

Furthermore, YouTube’s mobile browser version now has thumbnails with rounded corners. The homepage, search results, and video page all feature the same modification. We now have pill-shaped buttons for like and dislike, sharing, saving, and reporting on the latter. The like and dislike buttons, sometimes known as the thumbs up/down buttons, are displayed together on YouTube. The like count is also included in this container. They used to be two separate buttons.

Even more improvements have been made to YouTube’s desktop browser version. The background has grown deeper and has changed from gray to black. The subjects carousel receives a similar Material You makeover as on mobile, while the search field receives a pill-shaped container. For thumbnails, the desktop web client is also affected by rounded corners. While shorts receive a separate box within the primary home feed. These films are separated from the others by a faint gray box.

Advertisement With these updates, Google’s video platform now looks more similar across platforms on the online edition of YouTube. The company’s web clients and mobile apps will all share the same general aesthetic. Perhaps the Material You changes align YouTube’s look with that of other Google applications. This represents a departure from the platform’s long-standing tradition of having its own unique design language. We are ready for it because the changes don’t make things worse.

YouTube music is undergoing a same makeover to material you. The Material You design makeover is not limited to YouTube’s video app. The business is similarly changing the user interface of its music app, YouTube Music. The improvements, however, are currently only visible to a very small number of individuals. Prior to a potential soon-to-be-released revamp to the general public, Google is probably still testing it. Update your YouTube and YouTube Music applications frequently to receive the updates as soon as they become available to everyone. If and when Google formally announces this UI update for YouTube platforms, we’ll let you know.


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