Twitter now has private Circles, emulating Google.

A new tool will soon be available on Twitter for users who want to share messages discreetly with others. The brand-new function, dubbed Circles, is strikingly similar to what Google used to provide.

Recently, the midst of a new possible owner has paid a lot of attention to Twitter. While some people seem to want absolutely nothing changed, others are calling for significant changes. In the interim, Twitter is committed to releasing features that it has probably been working on for some time and that have an intriguing resemblance to the long-gone Google.

The platform will soon be introducing Circles, a brand-new feature, to its customers, according to Twitter announced today . When composing a tweet, users can choose from up to 150 recipients by using circles. Only a select few people will be able to see what has been uploaded once it has been made. Following that, fans can reply and remark as usual while still keeping inside the bubble that the poster has constructed.

The business claims that even after posting, you can still choose who can view and respond to your tweet inside the Twitter Circle. As soon as you enter the post, you will notice tiny bubbles above the draft informing you that anything you type will be kept private. It appears that you can continue editing as usual from there.

The new function is quite reminiscent of Google Circles, where you could share personal updates and thoughts with selected audiences, making it simpler to manage your own privacy and security. Users could easily manage all aspects of who you interact with by organizing and managing these groups. Despite the fact that the social networking site has long ago been shut down, circles’ privacy setting was viewed as a helpful feature.

Additionally, this occurs as Twitter is enhancing the platform’s overall privacy. The business implemented a test function that allowed consumers to choose who could reply to and comment on their tweets almost a year ago. This offered the user a little bit more control and added another layer of secrecy. Since then, the entire user base has been given access to that capability.

According to Twitter, Circles are launching today and are currently only available to a select number of people. There is no information on how long it will take for everyone to have full access to the new feature. In addition, it doesn’t appear that Twitter Circles will ever be a Twitter Blue feature, at least not right away.

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