Twitter Might Permit You To Use Timelines From Third Parties

The feed that you scroll through on social media is one of the most crucial aspects of the experience. You can choose from a variety of tailored timelines that Twitter offers. It appears that the business now wants to provide you more choices. You might be able to use timelines from outside sources on Twitter.

You can browse timelines based on the most popular posts from the accounts you follow. Additionally, you can select a chronological time depending on the posting dates for the tweets. You can choose whichever one suits your mood.

However, Twitter might permit you to use timestamps from outside sources. You are viewing a Twitter-curated timeline whether you are using the most popular or the chronological one. But what if you want another business to supply you with your feed? Well, it seems that the corporation is evaluating the usage of third-party timelines, according to the companys help page (as found by Jane Manchun Wong).

Advertisement Since this functionality hasn’t yet been announced, it nearly seems as though the firm accidentally posted this. However, there is a portion that informs you that it is in testing above the Timeline area.

You essentially receive a curated selection of tweets and media from organizations other than Twitter when you add on a third-party timeline. This leaves it up to others to choose the best type of feed you should use. At this point, it’s difficult to predict what kinds of feeds you’ll have to pick from.

You’ll be able to quickly access a new personalized feed after you add one. The new feed will be utilized in addition to your primary feed. Between your primary feed and your third-party feeds, you can simply swap.

Advertisement We don’t yet know when Twitter will make this feature available to the whole public. There is no assurance that it will be released to the public because it is still being tested. However, it’s unlikely that the business will remove it because it’s already on the support website.

Additionally, it’s possible that this feature will only be available in Twitter Blue when it releases. It sounds like the kind of function that would be exclusive to the paid subscription offered by the business. As the official launch of this feature draws near, we should be able to learn more.


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