Twitter Experiments with Blocking Mentions

Soon, Twitter users might have more control over the mentions they receive.
According to app researcher and engineer Jane Manchun Wong, an unpublished feature appears to let users completely block mentions or control who can @ them.
Wong tweeted alongside a screenshot of the Mentions settings in the app, “Twitter is working on allowing you limit who can mention you on Twitter.”

Tweet (Opens in a new window) Three settings are available in the setting, which is still very much a prototype: allow anyone to mention you, let only those you follow, or prevent everyone from tagging you in tweets.

In a now-deleted post, spotted by The Verge (Opens in a new window) , Twitter privacy designer Dominic Camozzi acknowledged a forthcoming feature. A comment from the social network was not given right away, and it is unknown when, if ever, the tool would be made available to the general public.


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If broadly implemented, this change would change how the microblogging platform functions and make it harder for users to connect with potential partners or recommend products to friends. On the other side, it might aid in the prevention of harassment and offer an additional defense against bullying.

Twitter already gives users the option to control who can reply to their tweets. Additionally, you can disable undesired interactions using “Safety Mode” or use Circles to tweet to a particular audience of up to 150 followers.

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