Trailer for Stranger Things 4 is on Google TV, and HBO Max takes third place in the streaming competition.

This week, HBO Max apparently secured the third spot in the streaming competition as Netflix unveiled the first trailer for Stranger Things 4, the acclaimed show’s upcoming fourth season. You should be aware of the following.

FREEVEE IS BECOMING IMDB TV This week, Amazon revealed that its ad-supported streaming service iMDb TV will change its name to Amazon Freevee as of April 28. Along with the makeover, original material will now receive more attention.

A NEW BATCH OF GOOGLE TV MODELS IS RELEASED BY TCL. TCL has introduced a new line of 4K TVs using the Google TV technology, first available in Europe. More information on the new program is provided below, but at least some of these performers should visit the US this summer.

NETFLIX RELEASES THE TRAILER FOR STRANGER THINGS 4 AND GETS A DOUBLE THUMBS-UP Netflix is introducing a new rating option with a double thumbs up in an effort to provide better recommendations. This new option, which appears alongside the standard like and hate buttons, is intended to demonstrate that you, as the viewer, particularly enjoyed that episode or movie. This will give Netflix’s recommendations more weight.

The Netflix app is now receiving a double thumbs up on Google TV, other smart TV platforms, the web, and mobile apps as well.

Additionally this week, Netflix unveiled the first trailer for the upcoming sixth season of the popular series Stranger Things. On May 28, Stranger Things 4 will be available on the service, with the fifth and final season following later.

HBO MAX APPEARS TO HAVE ACQUIRED THE #3 STREAMING SLOT. In the streaming competition, HBO Max has reportedly moved up to third place after Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, according to a recent report from JustWatch (via CordCuttersNews ). Although HBO Max only has a slight advantage over Disney and Hulu, this is still a remarkable gain for the service.

CLOSURE OF WARNERBROS DISCOVERY DEAL This week, it was revealed that the deal between WarnerBros. and Discovery had been finalized, and the two businesses would now begin their merger. The most notable result of this will be the integration of the services of HBO Max and Discovery.

David Zaslav, the CEO of the new business, said:

Not just for Warner Bros. Discovery, but also for our shareholders, distributors, advertisers, creative partners, and, most importantly, worldwide consumers, today’s news represents an exciting milestone. Warner Bros. Discovery delivers the most distinctive and comprehensive portfolio of content across film, television, and streaming thanks to our aggregate assets and diversified business model. We are certain that we can increase consumer choice while promoting creativity and adding value for shareholders while doing so globally.

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