Traffic data and trip time from “Commute” are returned by Pixel’s At a Glance.

Google may be reintroducing the outdated At a Glance feature on Pixel phones that displays commute times.

You’ll notice that Commute is now the first toggle when you visit Google Assistant settings (or access via Pixel Launcher preferences andgt; At a Glance gear icon andgt; See additional features). Its inclusion on the previous At a Glance feature list, which currently includes seven features, is significant. Note: Air quality (AQI) warnings have recently been added to the Weather toggle.

Based on your specified home and work addresses, this tool displays traffic information and trip time. With a tap, Google Maps is opened, and it might advise you to use public transportation and estimate how long it will take you to arrive. It’s not like Time to leave, which is based on events from Google Calendar.

In fact, until the beginning of 2022, Commute and Time to Leave were integrated into a single setting. After that, Time to Leave took care of itself, and Commute vanished.

April 2022
July 2022
Pixel At a Glance Commute
August 2022

Owners of Pixel devices discovered that in 2021, the actual Commute capability stopped functioning. After a year of working from home, Many says that describe is no longer experiencing the abilities when she returns to the office (WFH). Google’s decision to disable the feature during that time makes logical. The company is tackling WFH by isolating the functionality, although consumers can still receive alerts for appointments that are based on the Calendar.

Although there haven’t been any reports of the Commute capability getting back online, the toggle is present and by default turned on. Were experiencing the setting on Pixel phones running Android 12 and 13. This appears to have been a server-side distribution carried out with recent Google app updates.

Pixel At a Glance Commute
Pre-Pixel 6 AAG design | u/Ra1n69

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