Top stories this week: Use Play Store content on tablets, Overview of ridesharing, hands-on with One UI 5

Top stories this week include: Material Your updated design starts to appear on tablets, Chromebooks, and Pixels in the Play Store. At a Glance prepares ridesharing ETAs, we test out Samsung’s One UI 5 for Android 13, and more.

This week, the Play Store for Chromebooks and Android tablets received some preliminary Material You updates ahead of a more extensive overhaul that was planned at Google I/O. In particular, the search bar has changed, and the accent color now, where available, employs Material Yous dynamic colors.

Material You has not yet been applied anywhere in the app. Users can anticipate a condensed navigation rail and major feeds that display more than just broader carousels in the future. We shall exploit side-by-side cards instead. It’s funny how the appearance differs from the recently revamped website somewhat.

Google has consistently increased the functionality of the Pixel series At a Glance widget throughout this year. Our APK Insight team noticed the upcoming update, which would show an estimated time of arrival (ETA) for your ride sharing (Uber or Lyft).

We introduced a Cross device timer functionality for At a Glance at the beginning of this week. This feature would display the timer settings from your Smart Displays and Assistant speakers. Since April, Google has been working on making information about food delivery visible on your lock and homescreen.

Some have questioned how Samsung will use Android 13 to improve its One UI skin as the official release of the operating system draws nearer. One UI 5 was put through its paces this week by our Max Weinbach, who was able to spot new capabilities including copying text from Gallery images as well as design adjustments.

In light of the fact that this build was obtained from a source and that Samsung has not made it available to the general public, it is possible that it does not accurately represent One UI 5 at this time. Due to the early beta’s lack of a changelog, everything below that is new was discovered when using One UI 5 and contrasting it to One UI 4.

Google now demands you to use the Google Home app to view and operate Nest cameras as of their most recent version. But as reporter Ben Schoon notes, Google hasn’t really done anything to make Google Home a viable alternative to the original Nest app.

While I’m writing this piece, I can easily view footage from my earlier Nest Hello doorbell camera from 6 a.m., yet I have to scroll back and forth for five minutes to get my Nest Camera with Floodlight to finally load. They are both powered up and subscribed to the same Nest Aware subscription with round-the-clock recording. The Home applications’ horrible handling of recording history is the only distinction.

For the Pixel 3 and subsequent phones, Google has released a new trio of Curated Culture wallpapers. Three cute, sparkle-eyed frogs holding hands are depicted in one section of the wallpapers that are part of a greater work of art.

The corporation has a great affection for frogs, as shown in the clock face on the Nest Hub and the Google Weather app for Android. Canonically, this probably isn’t the Froggy we already know and love, but it’s still really cool.

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