Top stories this week: Galaxy Z Fold 4 leaked on Amazon, Google’s “Wireless Device” passes FCC approval, and more

The top news from this week include a mysterious wireless device from Google showing up at the FCC, information about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 leaking on Amazon, the August Pixel series update being postponed, and more.

This week, a new Google device was registered with the FCC under the ambiguous category of Wireless Device. We provided quite a few reasonable hypotheses for what this mysterious Google product might be, including a new Nest gadget, based on the evidence that was available.

This makes us think that the Google Wireless Device of today is probably a product from the Nest range. Google effectively hinted at what to expect from the Pixel this fall at Google I/O, but it hasn’t revealed much about its upcoming line of smart home speakers, cameras, and other devices.

This week, a complete Amazon listing for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 was published with just a few days till its formal announcement. The listing revealed the updated S Pen, as well as a number of official product photos, specifications, and other information about Samsung’s next foldable phone.

The other image displays a brand-new S Pen case for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 in a color that resembles the phone inside and is grayish-green. That color is also reflected in the stylus. That’s noteworthy because the past year’s S Pen had black as its sole color option. Alongside the S Pen, the case also features some kind of line, but it’s not immediately clear what use that serves.

This past Monday, Google’s Pixel phones did not receive the August security patch, breaking with tradition. The only thing that has been provided so far is a small fix for the July patch, despite a Pixel Update Bulletin detailing the improvements coming in that August patch.

Google reports 40 CVEs that the 2022-08-05 patch level fixes for Pixel and Kernel components. Moderate to major vulnerabilities affect devices like the camera, modem, and kernel.

However, as OTA images were absent at 10 a.m. PT, it seems clear that this update was delayed. Verizon has provided additional proof of a delay by disclosing information regarding an unanticipated update for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro .

This week, our APK Insight team learned that Google TV is getting ready to introduce a collection of 50 free streaming channels. Over half of those channels were included in an in-app visual, with selections for news, sports, TV series, and movies.

These are separate from other possibilities that are now available on Google TV since, as stated in the new wording, the channels are accessible without the need to download an app. The launcher refers to these specifically as Google TV Channels.

A support website for Chromecast with Google TV has suggested that an upgrade based on the August 2022 security patch may be coming shortly, according to other Google TV news. Though it is difficult to be certain of Google’s intended schedule because the link to the bulletin for that update goes to an error page.

It would be quite unexpected, on the one hand, if Google updated the Chromecast so swiftly once more. The August patch would be the next in line because it arrives exactly one quarter of a year after the May 2022 security level in last month’s version.


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