Top new features in Android 13 for Samsung devices as seen in One UI 5.0 Beta {Video}

Samsung has covertly released their Android 13 preview in a select group of countries after we exclusively revealed a number of new features and capabilities in an early One UI 5.0 Beta build. Here are all of the most significant and significant new additions.

With One UI, Samsung isn’t known for making significant modifications, so even while the look and feel have been tweaked, it can be difficult to determine exactly what has changed at first glance. But there are a ton of functional upgrades and enhancements, in classic Samsung manner. The Korean company is undoubtedly skilled at incorporating new features without significantly affecting the user experience. However, a few improvements from the new Android 13 Beta that we’ve already seen on Google’s Pixel series have made their way into the One UI 5.0.

Video One UI 5.0 Beta: Top new features Minor fingerprint animation changes Improved Material You and Dynamic Color support Smart Widgets improvements Call changes Improved mini pop-up UI Quick call notes Custom caller backgrounds Camera app changes Video One UI 5.0 Beta: Top new features 0 Video One UI 5.0 Beta: Top new features 1 Video One UI 5.0 Beta: Top new features 2 Video One UI 5.0 Beta: Top new features 3 Video One UI 5.0 Beta: Top new features 4 Video One UI 5.0 Beta: Top new features 5 Video One UI 5.0 Beta: Top new features 6 Video One UI 5.0 Beta: Top new features 7 Video One UI 5.0 Beta: Top new features 8 Video One UI 5.0 Beta: Top new features 9 Minor fingerprint animation changes 0 Minor fingerprint animation changes 1 Minor fingerprint animation changes 2 THE TOP NEW FEATURES OF VIDEO ONE UI 5.0 BETA Minor fingerprint animation changes 3

SMALL CHANGES TO ANIMATION OF FINGERPRINT One UI 5.0 Beta features a minuscule improvement over One UI 4.1 in terms of the in-display fingerprint motion. When the lock is unlocked, the ripple extends in a quicker swirling pattern as opposed to the usual outward ripple. This is primarily noticeable with lighter wallpapers, but it’s just a cosmetic change.


One UI adopts many of the Material You design ideas with wallpaper-led device theming, albeit not adhering to the rules. With even more tonal possibilities introduced to the Color Palette section, the first One UI 5.0 Beta offers more changes to the Wallpaper and Style section.

A Basic colors category has been added to the swatch-style picker, allowing you to select from eight predefined single colors and an additional four dual-tone possibilities, just like on Pixel phones. If you prefer the original system settings, you may also completely disable the Dynamic Color/Color Palette option, unlike on Pixel. Everything will turn back to a uniform shade of blue with all apps using the stock accents and tones.

One UI now employs permission request pop-ups in the Google Material You style, complete with colored buttons and more visible activation restrictions. The list-style permission pop-ups in One UI 4.1 and before have been replaced with this.

IMPROVEMENTS TO SMART GEARS One UI 5.0 beta makes it even simpler to use the outstanding stackable widgets feature by allowing you to construct scrollable quick-look widgets by simply long tapping on top of an existing widget on your homescreen. You must develop a specific Smart Widget that can be changed similarly in One UI 4.1 and earlier.

Additionally, you can now put widgets in a stack to automatically rotate based on the orientation of your Galaxy screen. The Edit stack button can be long-pressed and then tapped to reveal additional settings, including a toggle that enables auto-rotation for widgets.


one ui 5.0 beta features

MUCH BETTER MINI POP-UP UI You’ll see a new small pop-up UI with more visual components and a more visible drop-down menu for quick actions when an incoming call comes in while you’re using an app. The buttons for answering and declining have been shifted to the side, without text labels and with animated images.

ADVANCED CALL NOTES You can now easily take notes during a call by touching the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. Any notes you do make are preserved, but they just include the caller’s name and the time and date the incident occurred. It’s unclear if this capability is exclusive to gadgets that support the S Pen.

CUSTOM CALLER HISTORY With the standard Samsung dialer software, you can now fully change the call backdrop image on a contact-by-contact basis for the first time. You must go to Contacts, where you can choose a video wallpaper from four presets or enter a custom image in the Edit area of the overflow menu.


WATERMARKING One UI 5.0 Beta is adding new functionality to the Samsung camera software, which is still among the most feature-rich ones available for Android. For the first time on Samsung phones, you can now natively watermark your photographs if you wish to. With settings for typeface and layout and the possibility to designate your individual Galaxy model in addition to imitating the many Chinese devices, you can virtually completely customize image watermarks.

There are some significant usability improvements in the Camera Pro mode. To assist you in controlling the distribution of light inside the scene your camera system is pointing towards, a histogram tool has been included. You can quickly reveal or hide this in your viewfinder using an icon.

Additionally, each lens has an information screen providing information on the optimal shooting situations for using that particular focal length or lens. This might assist beginners gain a better knowledge of each lens while promoting experimentation.

one ui 5.0 beta features


TWEAKS AND A NEW NOTIFICATION LAYOUT In the One UI 5.0 Beta, Samsung is fine-tuning the Quick Settings panel with a more Pixel-like style for incoming alerts. A larger app icon on the left-hand side of the screen indicates the source of an app notification. There will be an icon stack to show that there are numerous unread notifications waiting if you receive multiple notifications from the same app.

When the Quick Setting panel is fully extended, rounded M3 buttons are also used for more detailed Notification settings and the quick clear feature.

Similar to Pixel, there is an Active Apps option, but in order to access it, you must hit the kebab menu button in the upper-right corner. This section merely lists the apps that are operating in the background or utilizing system resources. From the fast pop-up panel, you can disable or stop these apps from operating.

AUDIO CHANGES One UI 5.0 Beta now features a new Over the Horizon ringtone that was designed by BTS member SUGA.


LINKED DEVICES You can rapidly control any external connections your phone may have by using the dedicated Connected devices menu item, which is located towards the top of the Settings menu. Included in this are other items, such as Samsung DeX, any previously attached earbuds, Link to Windows, and more.

IN ACCOUNTS, GUEST MODE, AND BACKUP Multi-user mode was eliminated by One UI for an unknown cause, and it has been felt like a glaring gap on Samsung phones for some time. The Accounts and Backup settings’ Guest Mode feature is back in One UI 5.0 Beta. If you don’t want to use Knox, you may set up numerous users on one device with their own apps and accounts, which is perfect for work and personal accounts.

A13 EASTER EGG FOR ANDROID The emoji-filled Android 13 Easter egg has been added by Samsung to One UI 5.0 Beta. To access it, go to Settings, About Phone, Software Information, and then touch Android version. Simply set the clock to 1 o’clock at this point to be greeted by the Easter egg’s abundant bubbles. The bubbles will become random Emoji if you press for a long time. The Samsung emoji style is preferred, in contrast to Pixel phones, which gives the Easter egg a somewhat off vibe.

MULTI-TASKING GESTURES ADDED BY LABS The well-liked experimental Labs portion of the Advanced features area. One UI 5.0 Beta allows you to enable more multitasking gestures. Samsung frequently adds a suite of early features. A two-finger swipe upward from the bottom of your screen will swiftly enter split-screen mode, and a downward swipe from the top corner of an application will rapidly activate the pop-up mode. You can rapidly choose the second app from a tiny app drawer using a pop-up window.

ASSURANCE HUB The Security hub that was just added to Pixel devices is being added or imitated by Samsung. This new panel will alert you to any security concerns and suggest adjustments you may do to improve your overall on-device security. Additionally, it serves as a central location for all Galaxy device security and privacy settings.

ABOUT PHONE SECTION IMPROVED Now, your device’s image preview in the About phone section of Settings displays the right color and model.

EXTRACTION OF TEXT By holding down the shift key and long-pressing on text-containing images or text entry fields, you may now extract text from images and more locations. The Gallery app even has a rapid detection T icon that, if it detects text, will extract it from photographs. The new Extract Text option on the default Samsung Keyboard will rapidly launch the camera to pull text and enter it directly into a textbox.


one ui 5.0 beta features

Samsung has made a lot of improvements to the quality of life that will undoubtedly be beneficial to Galaxy owners. Which new feature do you consider to be the best? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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