Time on Frog Island was updated. For July 2022, Google will offer seven Stadia Pro games.

Six titles, mostly brand-new on Stadia Pro in July 2022, will be released after a significant dip last month that tied with the year’s high.
Time on Frog Island ($24.99), the seventh Stadia Pro game scheduled for July 2022, has not yet been announced.

Being abandoned on a lovely island with a group of amicable frogs. Enjoy the sandbox island lifestyle and explore at your own leisure while helping out your new pals in difficult situations and trading your way to ship repair!

Update 7/1: Stadia Pro customers can now access the July 2022 games Centipede: Recharged , Five Nights at Freddys: Security Breach , Those Who Remain , Worms W.M.D. , Roguebook , and Fast and Furious: Spy Racers Rise of SH1FT3R .

Beginning with the centipede: Recharged by Atari ($9.99):

The classic arcade game of shooting bugs is back! With bright graphics created for modern screens and a 16:9 field of play, Centipede: Recharged has been redesigned for contemporary gameplay.

By providing features like screen-clearing explosions, rail guns, and even time slowing, a dozen new power-ups can give you an advantage. With a friend, you can play every mode and level in local cooperative mode.

Other new Stadia Pro games for July 2022 include Roguebook ($24.99), Worms W.M.D. ($23.99), Those Who Remain ($19.99), and Five Nights at Freddys: Security Breach ($39.99).

The only title available right now is Fast and Furious: Spy Racers Rise of SH1FT3R. ( $39.99 ).

Only the most skillful drivers and fight using spy weapons can stop the elite criminal racing group, SH1FT3R! In the multiplayer mode, you can race as your favorite characters such as Tony Toretto, Echo, Cisco, Layla Gray, or even the infamous SH1FT3R gang. Utilize cutting-edge tools and wreck the tracks in an international competition in narrative mode, couch co-op, or online multiplayer.

Seven claimable games are being released this month for potential subscribers. The following titles are available on Stadia Pro: Darksiders III, Shantae: Riskys Revenge Directors Cut, Hello Engineer, The Darkside Detective, The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark, and Dawn of New Riders from DreamWorks

The current total, after the additions and deletions, is 52 titles:

Wave Break, HITMAN, and Darksiders Genesis The entire debut season, Rpublique, Cake Party, PHOGS!, Kill every human! Travel to the Wild Planet, Typewriter Epistory Chronicles, Raiders of PixelJunk, It sprung from space and devoured our brains. Kaze and the Wild Masks, Terraria Assassin Queen Black, Chronicles of Nanotale Typing, OUTRIDERS, Career of a Dungeon Manager in Legend of Keepers Simulator for 100 Days of Winemaking, Bloodstained: The Night Ritual, Control Ultimate Edition, GRIME, PAW Patrol, Monstrum Nox, and Ys IX Adventure City Calls, the film game ARK: Survival Evolved, Mereks Market, Darkwood, Re-elected, Saints Row IV Wreckfest, Wavetale, Chicken Control Make it RED! With one hand, clap Race against Ryan The Deluxe Edition of Road Trip Dawn of the Monsters, Adam Wolfe City Myths CE version of The Curse of the Crimson Shadow World War Z: Repercussions, The Mastermote Chronicles, Lumote Skylines of cities GameStop Edition Deathrun TV, Deliver Us the Moon, and Lake Even in the most dire circumstances, play golf with your pals, TOHU, Power Trip for Ben 10, Recharged Centipede, Worms WMD, Roguebook, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, Those Who Remain, Fast and Furious: Spy Racers, and Worms WMD emergence of SH1FT3R, On Frog Island, time

At midnight PT, the newest Pro titles go live. To claim the Stadia Pro July 2022 games, go to the Store on Android, iOS, or the web. They will enter the Pro games carousel, or you may look for the listing manually.

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