Thursday’s GFN Features 4 New Games

GeForce Now from NVIDIA is establishing itself as a well-liked gaming cloud streaming service. Today is the company’s next GFN Thursday event, and four new games will be shown that should have you ready for the summer.

NOW, WHAT IS GEFORCE? When you play your game on a phone, console, or computer, it is rendered. That’s practical, but cloud gaming seeks to overcome some drawbacks.

You can put your hardware away and play games online. Instead, your game is actually rendered by a strong server computer. The game is then delivered as a video feed to your device. Since your device is only displaying a video feed, the server computer is performing all the work.

Advertisement Benefits include the game not needing to be downloaded. You don’t need to update your game either. Additionally, you’ll be able to easily access your game on many devices. You can actually use your phone to play a 4K game with ray tracing.

The version from NVIDIA is known as GeForce Now. It is based on the top-tier GeForce GPU family. You may stream a variety of games from several shops, like the Epic Games Store and Steam, using this service. If you’re interested, there’s a free tier where you can play for an hour with medium graphics.

You can upgrade to two paid tiers for greater playtime time and improved graphics. If you want to start playing games in the cloud, it’s worth a go.

Advertisement YOU CAN PLAY FOUR NEW GAMES ON GFN THURSDAY. A few new games on GFN Thursday will get you in the mood for the summer. Tennis can be played in the first game, Matchpoint. For those who desire an authentic experience, it is a realistic tennis simulator. On Steam, you may purchase that game.

The following game is based on the well-known television show Starship Trooper. Starship Trooper Terran Command is the name of it. In this strategy game, you battle swarms of alien bugs who try to destroy you. On the Epic Games store, you may purchase that game.

Sword and Fairy Inn 2 is up next. In this anime-inspired game, your crew and you manage an inn. It’s a Steam-compatible task management game.

Advertisement Not least among them is Arma Reforger. This is a simulation of a real-world conflict that occurred during the Cold War. You may purchase it on Steam. These games can all be played on NVIDIA’s GeForce Now platform.

GFN Thursday Sword And Fair Inn 2
GFN Thursday Starship Trooper Terran Command
GFN Thursday Matchpoint Tennis Champions
GFN Thursday Arma Reforger
GFN Thursday GeForce NOW

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