This year, Snapchat will release an Android app with “Director Mode” and a $229 “Pixy” camera drone.

Today at its Snap Summit event, Snapchat made official announcements about two new features: a new Director Mode coming to Android later this year, and a new video drone called Pixy that fits in the palm of your hand.

DRONES SNAPCHAT PIXY Pixy is Snapchat’s first drone, priced at $229 and accessible right now in the US and France. The tiny 101g drone has a camera that can record 12MP still photos and videos. The drone can record 2.7K footage at up to 30 frames per second.

Pixy is made to fly using four predetermined flight paths rather than requiring a controller. From a distance of 2-3 meters, the drone can follow you for up to 60 seconds as the topic. Additionally, there is an orbit path that allows the drone to take off from your hand and circle you. For up to 60 seconds, Hover keeps the drone stationary while tracking your movement. The drone will finally fly back to you from a predetermined distance when you use Reveal. In the Snapchat app, you can even program unique flight trajectories and make the drone land on its own.

Once content is collected, it may be wirelessly (or wiredly) transmitted to your phone using the Snapchat app. Snap claims that the 16GB of onboard storage can hold 100 films or 1000 images. While Snapchat itself is obviously the intended audience for these movies, you can also utilize them in other apps by saving them to your phone’s storage.

The lithium-ion battery is reported to have enough capacity for 5-8 flights and can be fully recharged in 20 minutes. A USB-C port on the drone can be used to charge the battery.

The only items included in the Snapchat Pixy starts at $229 bundle are the drone, its case, and a battery. A second power pack, a charger, and a bumper case are included in a $249 bundle. The price of extra batteries is $19.99. France and open starting today in the United States are the orders.

NEW VIDEO FEATURES ADDED TO DIRECTOR MODE, COMING TO ANDROID THIS YEAR Today, Snapchat added announced Director Mode to their drone. To enhance the capacity of producers to capture content from a smartphone, this new camera function brings a suite of video editing and capture tools to the app. Dual Camera mode, Green Screen, and Quick Edit are recent additions. In the video below, Snapchat provides an overview of Director Mode:

In the upcoming months, Snapchat for iOS will have Director Mode initially, but Snapchat for Android won’t get it until much later. The function will nevertheless be available on Android by the end of 2022.

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