This Volkswagen Flying Car could drive itself and accommodate four passengers.

The V.MO has two propellers and eight rotors in an X-wing configuration to create lift (horizontal flight). Additionally, the aircraft is 36.75 feet (11.2 meters) long and 34.8 feet wide (10.6 meters). The drone’s motor and battery specifications were not disclosed by VGC, but the business claimed it could fly for up to 124 miles (200 km) before the battery needed to be replaced.

Initial flight testing will start later in 2022, and by the summer of 2023, VGC hopes to conduct more sophisticated flight tests. VW Group China promises a four-seater interior and autonomous flying capabilities in the finished product. Yes, the V.MO could fly independently, allowing users to control the vehicle without a pilot’s license.

China’s VW Group However, according to VGC, the V.MO would first be introduced as a high-end alternative to VIP or air shuttle services for Chinese high-net-worth individuals. Future versions for affluent urbanites will be made accessible soon, and we anticipate that commercial versions will also be developed to meet the needs of the general public.

We always find it thrilling when a major automaker tests the limits of mobility in the future. In 2021, French automaker Renault teased the Air4 concept to mark the 60th anniversary of its 4L hatchback. Since 2017, several startups like Klein Vision have been developing their AirCar prototype. The Slovak Transport Authority recently granted the AirCar a Certificate of Airworthiness to perform more test flights. The AirCar is a real flying car that you can drive and fly at your command.


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