This Prime Day, get the Galaxy Z Fold 3 for just $1,089!

Foldable phones aren’t exactly inexpensive gadgets. It’s wonderful to see that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is currently only $1,089 at Amazon because of this. For Prime Day, this 39 percent discount is available.

The fact that Samsung will introduce its new foldable phones later on in the month does not mean that the models from the previous year are outdated. Because it addressed many problems with the first two iterations, the Galaxy Z Fold 3, was a tremendously popular phone.

This is a folding notepad that, when closed, roughly matches the size of a regular phone (6.2 inches). But when you open the phone, it resembles a little tablet in size (7.6 inches). It works well for tablet chores like reading, typing, and viewing videos.

Advertisement The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is powered by the Snapdragon 888, which was the most potent Snapdragon CPU from the previous year. This also included 256GB of RAM and 12GB of RAM. Due to this, this phone was among the fastest on the market the previous year, and its processing is still more than adequate now.

One of the areas that drew the greatest criticism was the camera package. Although the camera technology in this phone is a few years old, it is still more than capable of producing high-quality images.

You’ll have the most recent version of Samsung’s One UI Android skin in terms of software. It is equipped with every function found in a contemporary Samsung Galaxy phone. Furthermore, Samsung will continue to provide you with the most recent software update for the foreseeable future.

Advertisement You don’t need to worry about this phone’s longevity. To begin with, Samsung uses extremely thin glass for the display, so you won’t need to worry about dings from fingernails. The phone is also water resistant, with an IP X8 rating.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 – Amazon


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