This is most likely how Twitter’s long-awaited edit button on Android will appear. {Updated}

For years, Twitter users have urged the social media platform to add an edit button that would allow them to correct typos and other mistakes in tweets. We’ve now been able to find an early glimpse.


Before the feature’s official release, Google contributor Dylan Roussel was able to enable the Twitter edit button online, giving us a sneak peek at how the functionality will work. Recall that on April 5 said , the social network announced that there will be months of testing before the function became generally available to Twitter Blue subscribers. The editing capabilities could significantly alter from what is shown below at that point.

In the upcoming months, we’ll begin testing within @TwitterBlue Labs to find out what works, what doesn’t, and what’s feasible.


The edit button on Twitter currently appears precisely as you would expect it to. When you click the Edit tweet button in an existing tweet’s overflow menu, an editor for the tweet’s content opens. By editing the tweet and pressing update, you can fix errors or add content.

Of course, this doesn’t function yet; tapping the update button results in a failure message. What Twitter will display when a tweet has been edited is also unknown. A history of the tweets has been requested and is widely believed to exist. According to the current state of affairs, there is also no timer for amending tweets after they have been sent.

Update 4/23: Dylan Roussel was once more successful in discovering how the edit feature will appear in the app in the most recent versions to Twitter for Android. With a tiny banner stating that there is a new version of this tweet, he was able to preview what a tweet would appear like after it has been modified. Additionally, a tweet’s top is marked with an edit icon to indicate that it has been modified.

Jane Wong also found recently that the edit button would replace the original tweet with the updated version rather than really changing it. The edit button would essentially function as a more seamless version of the delete-and-replace action that the majority of Twitter users already utilize. There also seems to be an edit history under development.

Although it was previously said that the edit tool would initially only be accessible to Blue users in a beta form, there is still plenty of time for Twitter to improve it.

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