This Fall, Google might release a new Nest “wireless device.”

It appears that Google is getting ready to release a new item under the Nest brand in the upcoming months. The FCC database now lists a strange wireless gadget with the model number G28DR. Despite the listing’s paucity of details, what is known about it points to a Nest product.

The FCC listing describes this Google device as a Wireless Device, as first noticed by 9to5Google. It has 5GHz capability and is Wi-Fi 5 certified. Although it has Bluetooth connectivity, the gadget lacks other widely used communication methods like NFC and UWB (ultra-wideband). It has a 3.65V battery for power, which can be recharged using a USB Type-C connector.

The newspaper was only able to find that much important information in the FCC records. This suggests that the mysterious Google device is a Nest item. A new Nest Cam model is a likely contender. Previous Nest security camera releases from the firm used 3.65V rechargeable batteries.

Advertisement Having said that, Google did update its Nest Cam collection with a number of new items last year. While the arrival of another another battery-operated model will be good, it’s possible that this is not what we are seeing. Maybe a doorbell? The manufacturer has already announced the arrival of a Nest Doorbell that is wired. It will fix a number of wireless model flaws, including the absence of round-the-clock video streaming. Consequently, the new battery-powered gadget can be an improved wireless Nest Doorbell.

Of course, these are just conjectures. What Google is working on is a mystery. Even the company’s flagship Nest Learning Thermostat has to be upgraded. Over five years have passed since the last one. In 2020, it did introduce the reasonably priced Nest Thermostat, but the top-of-the-line model has been waiting for years for an update.

BUYING A NEW NEST SMART SPEAKER WOULD NOT HARM EITHER This enigmatic Google device will definitely debut during the fall hardware season, most likely alongside the Pixel Watch and the Pixel 7 series. Additionally, the company often introduces new smart speakers in the fall. This year, a new model wouldn’t hurt.

Advertisement We don’t think, however, that this wireless device is a Nest smart speaker. There aren’t any Nest speakers with batteries currently. The device will additionally carry a regulatory label on its rear, according to the FCC filings. It is typically located on the underside of Google speakers.

The new report points out that the Google Stadia Controller employs a similar Wi-Fi and Bluetooth setup and is also battery-operated. Therefore, it’s not impossible that the new Wireless Device is not a Nest product. Before we can draw a fuller picture, more information must come to light.


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