This Adorable Home Robot Is Like A Living Disney Character

According to a press release, robotics company revealed is working with Disney and Pixar to incorporate well-known Disney animated characters into its Miko 3 robot in the form of read-along tales and audiobooks. The robot now offers a number of well-known Disney tales, including “The Lion King,” “Moana,” “Zootopia,” “Coco,” “Tangled,” “Toy Story,” “Ratatouille,” and “Frozen.” “Miko is happy to be the first robotics platform to have such an innovative relationship with Disney, and we look forward to increasing the benchmark for kids engagement together,” said Sneh Vaswani, Miko’s co-founder and CEO, in a statement.

The Disney app found on the Miko 3 robot allows access to the Disney content. Kids can read animated stories on the robot’s touchscreen in addition to watching animated stories and listening to audiobooks. While some Disney content is free, the Miko Max subscription, which costs $99 annually or $49 every three months, is required if you want unlimited access. Subscribers will also get access to KidloLand, Cosmic Kids, Paramount, Dreamykid, Kidoodle.TV, Tiny Tusks, Da Vinci Kids, and other well-known kids’ apps, which might make the charge a little more bearable. The cost of the kid-sized Miko 3 robot is $299.


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