These Netflix programs are available with spatial audio.

One of the technologies that truly improves the experience of watching videos is spatial audio, which is a much desired feature. Currently, the dominant streaming service Netflix is incorporating spatial audio into some of its original programming. This comes after the business was forced to let go of 300 employees.

If you prefer to immerse yourself in the content, you may want to learn more about spatial audio if you don’t already. The audio you hear thanks to spatial audio truly depends on where your head is. You will only be able to hear the audio if you are facing one way. However, the music will adjust to match your head movements when you swivel your head.

If, for example, there is a throng on the left side of the screen while you are viewing a movie, you will hear them. However, the soundtrack will shift if you swivel your head to the left, making it seem as though the throng is in front of you.

Advertisement A FEW OF NETFLIX’S ORIGINAL SHOWS NOW FEATURE SPATIAL AUDIO With this new inclusion of spatial audio, there are both good news and negative news. First off, Netflix earlier this year made spatial audio available on iOS devices, but it is now more widely accessible. XDA Developers claims that Sennheiser and the business collaborated to turn their surround sound mixes into spatial audio. Any stereo or set of headphones will let you hear the spatial sounds.

Here’s the awful news: This version of spatial audio will not support the aforementioned head tracking technologies. The necessary hardware in the headphones is required for head tracking. You won’t be able to access the feature even if you are using headphones with the technology.

Right now, a small number of Netflix titles are available with spatial audio (and theyre only Netflix originals). It’s accessible for Red Notice, The Witcher, and Stranger Things’ fourth season (no surprise there). You should keep a look out for the spatial audio function when more TV episodes and films are released in the future.


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