These Five Mercedes-Benz Models Will Support Apple Music’s Spatial Audio

Apple announced the Mercedes-Benz vehicle models that now support spatial audio in an press release . These consist of the Mercedes-Benz EQE sedan, EQS liftback, and EQS SUV. The function also appears in a few luxury sedans from the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Maybach lineups, in addition to these EVs. One of the first automobiles to receive Spatial Audio, according to Apple’s press release, was the limited-edition Mercedes-Maybach by Virgil Abloh, which was introduced last month. This vehicle was famous for its 31-speaker audio system, which features an enormous 18.5-liter subwoofer, six 3D speakers on the ceiling, four speakers near the front seats’ ear levels, and four sound transducers for each seat. These speakers were all equipped with twin amplifiers that produced 1,750 watts of power.

Apple said the Spatial Audio technology would eventually be added to other models in addition to the Mercedes-Benz cars featured in the initial list. According to Apple, the Mercedes MBUX infotainment system is fully integrated with the Spatial Audio capability in these automobiles. Owners of any of the aforementioned Mercedes-Benz vehicles who are also Apple Music subscribers can immediately begin using the Spatial Audio feature in their automobile.


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