These are the top Galaxy Z Flip 4 cases available.

It can be tough to get a case for the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Due to the bending action, there is an additional complexity that, if handled incorrectly, can result in a scenario with a negative experience. Here is our overview of some of the top Galaxy Z Flip 4 cases available from manufacturers like Incipio, Spigen, and Otterbox.

GALAXY Z FLIP 4: DOES IT REALLY NEED A CASE? The way we view some phones and the cases that shield them has unquestionably altered over time. The enduring clamshell shape has been a significant issue for case makers, prompting them to devise solutions that really shield the entire phone, even when closed and the hinge is visible.

The Z Flip 4 has shown to be a slick device during our use of it. The matte glass back doesn’t offer much friction, and the glossy metallic sides make for a shaky grip. Including a case can provide the extra grip that is required.

The Z Flip 4 is sturdy, however there are a few surfaces you should guard. Of course, opening the phone increases the chance of fracturing the UTG screen of the inside display, but even closing it and dropping it increases the chance of the outer display cracking. You want your Flip to be safe against the majority of things you can throw at it, regardless of how it is positioned.

GALAXY Z FLIP 4 BEST CASE SET TOUGH ARMOR FROM SPIGEN One of the greatest Z Flip 4 cases available is the Spigen Tough Armor case. It tends more toward the bulkier side, which is acceptable given the Z Flip 4 is extremely thin overall. By doing that, it offers the foldable a lot of grip without adding much to the foldable itself, and it still feels extremely pleasant to grasp.

As opposed to certain cases, these cutouts don’t conceal the side buttons. The bottom part features a chamfered edge to make it simple to open the Z Flip 4. Additionally, the exterior display cutout is well-done and doesn’t obstruct touching the display.

The hinge protection on this case is arguably its best feature. A slim piece of plastic slides in and out of the bottom part of the Tough Armor case between the two components. Although the plastic is sufficiently flexible to bend into the other piece, it would undoubtedly provide some protection against the hinge in the event of a fall.

Some pre-installed adhesive strips that assist your Flip 4 stay in the case are included with the Tough Armor case. Without it, the phone would occasionally accidentally fall out, which is really frustrating over time.

The Spigen Tough Armor case is the best one we’ve had a chance to use overall. Given that it isn’t overly large, gives some much-needed protection, and looks stylish while doing it, this one is highly recommended to consumers. Although the Spigen Tough Armor costs $69.99, it is definitely worth it.

AIR SKIN SPIGEN The Spigen Air Skin might be something to consider if you’re searching for something that’s really thin and simple to put on and take off. Although the clear version has some well-hidden patches that don’t detract from the aesthetic, the colored versions also come with adhesive strips.

First off, it goes without saying that the Air Skin won’t provide as much protection as the Tough Armor. Other than that, and without us personally drop-testing it, the casing feels like it might withstand considerable harm. Choose something a little heavier if you have a tendency to drop devices. The Z Flip 4’s Air Skin feels more like a method of scratch protection.

The Air Skin is good at doing that if that’s what you want. Because it doesn’t add much mass, the case is quite thin and has a great feel in the hand. I never experienced any issues with my Flip 4 slipping out thanks to the sticky patches and strips that assist the case stay in place.

Since the Air Skin is so thin, there is no hinge protection at all, so keep that in mind when using it. The Air Skin is a reliable case that won’t add bulk to your device and will protect it from scuffs and scrapes, aside from that.

COMPIIO GRIP The Grip case does a good job of increasing friction between the smartphone and your hand, as its name suggests. Small three-point lugs that run the length of the case’s side are intended to increase grip when holding the Flip 4. The lugs did give some friction throughout our tests, however they can be a little jagged when you initially use the case. Hopefully, in time, those lugs will become a little more rounded.

The volume rockers are tactile and quite clicky, which is what you want, thanks to the well-done button cuts. The power button cutout is broad and provides enough room underneath them for you to comfortably scan your fingerprint.

The Grip case by Incipio contains a few horizontally oriented adhesive bars inside. Similar to other cases, those aid in keeping the Flip 4 in place. When your device drops, Incipio uses what company refers to as “impact struts,” which function like springs inside the device and apply some kinetic energy to lessen the impact force.

This is one of the situations I would drop if I had to only drop test with a few. The Grip case for the Flip 4 appears to be no exception to Incipio’s history of producing high-quality cases in terms of durability.

The Grip case costs $69.99, but given how beautifully it is made and how little bulk it adds to the iPhone, it is well worth the money. This is one of the examples that Id have no issues dropping almost $70 on.

Impact Series by Casetify In general, you have two options: go with a vivid casing and little to no actual protection, or choose good protection with a plain or boring exterior shell. Due to the fact that Casetify provides both, cue the girl from the Old El Paso commercial .

The Impact Series from Casetify strikes a decent balance between a fun case and excellent defense. A gel-like material that feels excellent in the hand and could withstand a few decent drops is used to make the case itself. The case loses some of its minimal feel as a result of the slight increase in bulk that results from that.

The tiny space left for the fingerprint sensor was one item I did observe. It can be challenging to quickly read a fingerprint because the case itself sort of gets in the way, unless you have thumbs that are smaller than typical. There are no problems because the buttons above it are lovely and clicky.

Like in most cases, there is no hinge protection. The remainder of the device is often well shielded aside from that. The logo and Casetify’s recognizable camera rim are displayed in the cutout for the outside display. There are literally hundreds of patterns to select from, so there’s no question you’ll find one you like. I choose the Acid Smileys case.

The Casetify Impact Series is a solid case with a sturdy exterior all around. One is available from Casetify for as little as $72.

You might want to have a look at Otterbox’s Thin Flex case if you’re torn between options like the Spigen Tough Armor and Air Skin case. The Thin Flex case is a perfect compromise because it provides the top-notch security Otterbox is known for while adding the least amount of thickness to the slim Z Flip 4.

Although the Thin Flex case doesn’t give the most tactile volume rocker controls, the cutouts are strategically positioned. That leaves enough of space for the power button and fingerprint reader underneath. The increased chamfer on the bottom part of the casing, which allows for comfortable access to the power button even when the case is closed, is notable.

The Thin Flex is generally simple except from that. It provides a lot of protection and has a pleasant feel in the hand. This case costs $49.95 and is also available in an antibacterial variant.

COMMEMORATIVE MENTIONS There are a few cases we tried from the brands we’ve highlighted in this best of series that don’t quite fall into the best category. Here are a few honorable case mentions that, while deserving of investigation, fall short of our highest hopes.

Otterbox is renowned for its thick, ultra-protective cases, which can withstand a car’s impact while still keeping the gadget inside safe. The Symmetry Series case is essentially that. Even around the hinge, the robust case provides excellent protection. But in this situation, that is where the problem is.

The Symmetry case from Otterbox contains a piece of plastic that slides over the Z Flip 4s hinge, much as the Tough Armor case from Spigen. Unfortunately, the case’s protective plastic for the hinge is simply too thick. In the end, the Z Flip 4’s case is actually pushed off by that plastic piece. This is the case around eight out of ten times, and closing the Flip 4 from a shut position results in having to readjust the casing.

Although the security provided by this case would be excellent, the issue arises far too frequently for us to endorse it, especially at the price of $69.95.

In our overview of the best Z Flip 4 cases, both Spigen-made cases are well regarded and live up to our standards. The Thin Fit Ring works just as well, but not everyone should wear it. The case itself resembles the Air Skin very much, with the exception that it features a ring on the back for greater grip.

There are a few benefits to this, one of which is that the plastic keeping the ring on serves as hinge protection. Additionally, the device has something you may grip onto while using it to prevent it from flying out of your hand.

Aside from that, it seems like the ring frequently gets in the way. Additionally, the metal ring can be quite loud, and every time I put the phone down, I hear a loud clang. It’s possible that the ring is simply not for me. The Thin Fit Ring might appeal to you if you like the concept of having a ring on your Air Skin case. The cost of the case is $64.99.

Overall, we were only able to test a tiny part of the cases available, but for the Z Flip 4 cases that we did test, we were pleased with our findings. Our top pick for the best Z Flip 4 case is still the Spigen Tough Armor, closely followed by the Incipio Grip. Aside from that, any of the premium Z Flip 4 cases mentioned are excellent choices.

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