There are still problems with the fingerprint scanner on the Pixel 6a.

SlashGear’s Tushar Mehta confirmed that fingerprint recognition had became “painfully slow” after updating the Google Pixel 6a to the newest Android 13 Beta version. With repeated “couldn’t process fingerprint” problems, the update also appears to have crippled the phone’s ability to add a new fingerprint.

The fingerprint scanner isn’t completely broken on Android 13 beta for #Pixel6a , but the recognition procedure is agonizingly slow.
A “Couldn’t process fingerprint” problem is frequently seen when adding a new fingerprint after deleting previous ones.
(@thetymonbay) Tushar Mehta August 3, 2022
The identical problem was encountered by PurposelyPixel, a YouTuber, who chronicled it in his video.

Right now, the Pixel 6a can only be fixed by going back to a stable version of Android 12. The system is (by definition) still being tested, therefore it’s crucial to understand that any beta software from Google comes with a disclaimer indicating that problems may occur. It’s likely that this problem will be resolved by the time Android 13 is officially approved for the phone later this year.

The “far more dangerous variant of the flaw” that may allow any human finger to circumvent the lock screen once a single fingerprint is registered and the fingerprint scanner is enabled has, however, appeared to be fixed for Google Pixel 6a customers installing the most recent security update. While not very quick at the moment (with stable software), fingerprint recognition on the Google Pixel 6a appears to be accurate.


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