There are numerous emoji in the Easter Egg in Android 13 Beta 3.

We haven’t yet discovered all of Android 13 Beta 3.3’s features, including the new easter egg. This feature frequently provides distinctive signals about the upcoming software version. Android 12 featured a full circle as its easter egg, whereas Android 13 uses a pointed circle with 13 points to represent the subsequent release.

A FEW ANNOYING BUGS ARE ALSO CORRECTED IN ANDROID 13 BETA 3.3, AS WELL AS THE UPDATED EASTER EGG. By pointing the hour and minute hands to 13:00 or 1 o’clock, the easter egg is activated. Notably, Android 13 Beta 3.2’s Dynamic Color bubbles are still present. These bubbles become emoji when you hold down on them, switching between fourteen character sets.

Emojis with expressive eyes, hearts, aliens from space or the ocean, flowers, monkeys, the zodiac, the turtle king, the moon, cat faces, and of course, human faces are among them (via 9to5Google ). This is one of the more glaring graphical improvements in Android 13 Beta 3.3.


Android 13 Beta 3 3 Easter Egg 2
Android 13 Beta 3 3 Easter Egg 1
Android 13 Beta 3 3 Easter Egg

The Android 13 Beta 3.3 has, by all accounts, been far from ideal. There were a few obstacles to overcome. The upgrade was released very tardily, and Google quickly uploaded two bug-fixing updates. With the most recent beta, Google’s main goal is to address various bugs that were present in Android 13 Beta 3.2.

The Wi-Fi glitch in Android 13 Beta 3 is one of the most annoying issues. Users are unable to access their Wi-Fi networks as a result. For beta testers who don’t have unlimited data plans or who primarily use Wi-Fi to access their Android devices, this issue can be significant.

THE NEW ANDROID 13 BETA RELEASE CORRECTS A GESTURES-RELATED BUG Additionally fixed in Android 13 Beta 3’s third iteration are accidental interactions between the app drawer and keyboard. Additionally, device owners will discover that performing gestures—particularly the back swipe gesture—will no longer cause the system user interface to crash.

Advertisement The release of Android 13 Beta 3.3 is most likely the final update before Android 13 Beta 4 debuts, most likely in early July. We don’t have much time to wait because Android 13 will be released in the fall. The update might make its debut alongside the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, as it has in the past.

There will be plenty of Pixel gear available before the end of the year, including the Pixel 6a, which will formally go up for pre-order next month. The Pixel 6a will ship with Android 12, but later this year, it will be one of the first Pixel phones to receive Android 13.


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