There are five reasons Android users should switch to NVIDIA GeForce NOW. {Video}

In a short period of time, cloud gaming has advanced significantly, although some services have succeeded in going further than others. Here are five reasons why Android players should consider NVIDIA GeForce NOW as their primary game streaming service, including the availability of more than 1,400 games on any device.

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THE BEST PICTURES The GeForce RTX 3080 is the top graphics card available from NVIDIA, which powers GeForce NOW. You may get visuals unmatched by anything on mobile devices or even the newest consoles with an RTX 3080 Membership.

With these features enabled, even the most demanding PC games may be played at “Ultra” presets and with real-time ray-tracing and DLSS. There in the palm of your hand, games like Cyberpunk, Steelrising, Far Cry 6, and more than 1,000 more look just as amazing as on a high-end PC.


Many of your favorite titles, including Fornite and Apex Legends, have recently transitioned from PC to Android. Unfortunately, but sensibly, this implies that performance and graphics will suffer in order to make sure that your smartphone can run those games. The only technical need for cloud gaming is an internet or Wi-Fi connection, therefore there is almost any performance impact.

Additionally, NVIDIA has worked to provide improved touch control functionality on GeForce NOW for a variety of well-known Android titles, including Fortnite, Genshin Impact, and many others. Contrary to the downgraded Android versions you are trying to play without any compromise to the user experience, this means graphics. You may play freely while still getting improved graphics and performance.


Playing 4K HDR games on your couch is simple now that gadgets like the NVIDIA SHIELD TV exist. It’s a strong Android TV box with the Google Assistant built in, making it the ideal companion, but it also serves as a gateway to top-tier PC gaming.

You can use your other Assistant-powered speakers to ask questions, get the weather, or control things, just like you can on your smartphone. With GeForce NOW, you can continue where you left off on Android without any graphical downgrades or latency, only on a larger screen.

FOR THE DEVICE YOU USE, OPTIMIZED There are dozens of possible hardware configurations for smartphones alone, making optimization for all of your devices a challenging undertaking. This problem is solved by cloud gaming, and GeForce NOW provides hardware-independent optimizations.

On devices like the Pixel 6 Pro, you may therefore activate higher refresh rates like 120 fps, while the default settings guarantee that you receive the greatest experience possible without having to delve into complicated settings menus and sections. With the finest possible result—your games at the best settings—a it’s one size fits all experience.

NO COMMITMENT IS REQUIRED You may test out GeForce NOW for free to see exactly how your current PC game libraries from Epic, Steam, and UPlay appear while streaming directly from NVIDIA’s servers even if you’re not convinced. The RTX 3080 Membership provides a cheap and hassle-free method to gaming at Ultra settings wherever you play for a fraction of the price of a new graphics card. Building a PC is expensive, especially at the top end.

With GeForce NOW, more than 1,400 games are now completely playable in the cloud, allowing you to play on any device of your choosing. Don’t just take our word for it; experience try the GeForce NOW service for yourself by visiting , and visit “GFN Thursdays.” for the most recent and exciting gaming news each and every week.

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