The Wild Google Play Points promotion offers a glimpse into the mobile gaming industry.

It’s no secret that in-app purchases (IAPs) for mobile games are a source of income for both app shops and game developers. Today’s Google Play Points offer overemphasizes mobile gaming whales.

Every Google Play Billing purchase you make when you choose to participate in the rewards program earns you Play Points that can be exchanged for in-app discounts or Play credit. Recently, Google has made it possible to directly buy things with Play Points. There are typically four tiers in most nations. The fifth Diamond level in South Korea multiplies the number of points you receive for each dollar or local money.

Users of the 3,000-point Platinum tier now have the following new offer accessible to them for the upcoming month:
Earn 1000 points by making 2 transactions totaling $100 or more.

Google Play Points whales
Google Play Points whales

A single transaction on the Play Store, which includes buying apps, games, books, or movies/TV shows, rarely costs more than $100. The only exception we can think of is purchasing a Stadia game’s top edition, which awards Play Points.

Of course, IAPs are the other, and the advertisement makes it clear that this covers purchases made in games and applications. A phrase from the (casino) gaming industry, whales, or high rollers, has evolved into one mobile games marketing firm explains :

The phrase “whales” has been used in recent years to refer to a small subset of consumers (about 2%), who provide the majority of money for developers of mobile apps and video game publishers.

An mobile gaming whale is a person who makes several small purchases. In free-to-play games, for instance, the so-called whales are the primary consumers of microtransactions; they’re the ones who buy cosmetics, booster packs, etc.

Despite this, it is still a bad offer. Let’s assume you have to spend at least $200 to qualify for this promotion. The 1.4x multiplier alone gives you 280 Play Points, bringing your total to 1,280. Again, $200 in purchases were converted into $12.80 in cash. If you take advantage of the 4x multiplayer that is offered this long weekend, it will be a little better.

It’s unlikely that Google Play Points would include this promotion if the whales’ natural habitat didn’t have any interested parties.
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