The wallpaper on ChromeOS won’t update every 10 seconds, no.

Some have been misled into thinking that ChromeOS will soon allow you to refresh your wallpaper every 10 seconds using a new Chrome flag, however that is not the case.

You can choose a wallpaper from any of the numerous categories and artistic styles in the ChromeOS wallpapers app right now. Or, if you like, you may have your Chromebook’s wallpaper automatically rotate across that category each day.

The ChromeOS team has been working on including Google Photos to the list of sources from which you can choose your wallpaper more recently. Google is planning to make it possible to utilize a different image from your gallery every day in order to put that new integration in line with ChromeOS’s current wallpapers.

Considering that your Google Photos collection probably expands everyday, this requires a little more work on Google’s part than simply creating a new category of wallpapers. As a result, you should provide feedback to the developers so they can make sure the new Google Photos wallpaper integration recognizes new photographs, shuffles appropriately, changes when it should, etc. In order to hasten the process, ChromeOS is adding a new flag to chrome:/flags.

Reduce the time between daily wallpaper refreshes for manual testing.
gives developers the option to view a new wallpaper every ten seconds as opposed to once every day when the daily refresh feature is used.

The ChromeOS team continually emphasizes that this feature is only meant for developers, and that is an essential difference to make here. Along with the flags’ summary above, the related code modification also emphasizes this point (emphasis ours).

Will make it possible for developers to use Chrome to enable or disable the wallpaper rapid refresh manual testing mode (albeit this is not the flags’ intended use):

on Dev/Canary/Unknown channels, /flags.

More significantly, unless you’re using a pre-release version of ChromeOS, namely Canary or Dev, there is code in place to explicitly hide this ten-second wallpaper refresh rate. According to all indications, this is primarily meant to be used by developers and won’t be a feature accessible for the vast majority of Chromebooks.

Having said that, I can understand why some people might anticipate that ChromeOS will provide something a little more exciting than a daily wallpaper update. You can use your device as a digital frame for your Google Photos collection with Google’s Nest Hub, other Assistant-powered smart displays, and even Pixel phones on a Pixel Stand.

New images are chosen for those devices on a pretty regular basis, keeping things exciting and new. While it would be lovely to have your Chromebook’s wallpaper double as a picture frame, that is definitely not the case right now.

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