The US Galaxy S22 series can now access the first One UI 5.0 beta that Samsung released earlier today in Germany and South Korea.

Samsung does not specify which carriers the One UI 5.0 beta is compatible with, however I have found that until I inserted a T-Mobile SIM card, I was unable to install the beta on my unlocked Galaxy S22 Ultra. There is no certainty that it will be accessible for every carrier in the US, so your mileage may vary.

The One UI 5.0 beta hasn’t received much information from Samsung yet. According to our early-month exclusive hands-on, there weren’t many changes outside a few alerts improvements and new possibilities for dynamic colors. There certainly appear to be additional enhancements for features like Samsung DeX and digital wellbeing with this most recent beta.

One UI 5.0 beta
One UI 5.0 Changelog

It’s intriguing to see Samsung releasing their beta ahead of the anticipated next month release of the Android 13 source code. Samsung has done a great job of releasing upgrades on schedule, which bodes well for their upcoming products and support.

Later on, Samsung probably has more information to provide about the beta and more features, but for now, there is a very lengthy changelog with every feature listed below:

One upgrade to UI 5 (Android 13)
With One UI 5, you have access to more robust personalization and an improved workflow across all of your Galaxy devices.
The way of your galaxy
Additional color possibilities for your palette

Finding the colors that are ideal for you is simpler. A predefined color theme that is unrelated to your wallpaper can be chosen from a list of up to 16 color schemes.

Put widgets in a stack on your home screen.

To save space on your Home screen, combine many widgets of the same size into a single widget. To add a widget, simply drag it into the stack. You can then swipe to change between widgets.

Clearly identify callers
Set a distinct call background for each contact so you can quickly identify who is calling.
Receive only the alerts you approve

You’ll be prompted to choose whether you wish to get notifications from an app when you use it for the first time. You are free to decline apps that will disturb you.

Access to app notification controls is made simpler

Do you receive too many alerts from an app? With rearranged notification settings that put app notification controls at the top, blocking it is now simpler than ever.

Select the notifications that your apps can deliver.

Apps’ ability to display pop-up notifications, app icon badges, and notifications on the Lock screen are now all subject to distinct controls. Allow all, some, or none of the kinds. You are in charge.

Keep track of the reminders for today.

Only today’s reminders are displayed in the new Today category. On the top of the main screen of the Reminder app, you will also see a reminder for tasks that are due today.

Reminders can be displayed or hidden.

The completed reminders in any category can be displayed or hidden. Show what you’ve accomplished, or hide to keep your attention on the tasks at hand.

Pick the appropriate view for your reminders.
Choose between a simple view that displays multiple reminders at once and an advanced view that displays information like the due date and repeating conditions.
For each app, select a language

Have a preference for using some apps in one language and others in another? Now, under Settings, you may select the language that will be used for each app.

Edit the wallpapers that appear on your lock screen.
You may quickly add or remove images later after choosing a collection of photographs to serve as your Lock screen background.
Samsung Keyboard’s spacebar row can be customized.
The function keys and punctuation that appear in the bottom row of the keyboard, next to the spacebar, can be customized.
enhanced vibration and sound settings

To make it simpler for you to access the sound and vibration choices you require, menus have been restructured. In the same location, you can also adjust the volume and vibration strength of your ringtone.

Increase your output.
Obtain text from any picture or display

Use the Samsung Keyboard, the Internet, the Gallery, or any time you snap a screenshot to extract text. Instead of inputting the outcome, paste it into a message, email, or document.

based on text in photographs, generate suggestions

Actions will be suggested when text appears in an image in the Gallery, Camera, or other apps based on the text. You may tap to call or go to a website if you take a picture of a sign that has a phone number or address on it, for instance.

Utilize your connected devices more.

With the addition of the Connected devices option to Settings, it is now quicker and simpler to access services like Quick Share, Smart View, and Samsung DeX that operate with other devices.

With a motion, change your point of view

Swiping inward with two fingers from the left, right, or bottom of the screen will change the display from full screen to split screen. By swiping inward with one finger from either corner at the top of the screen, you can change from full screen to pop-up view. In the settings, gestures can be enabled or disabled.

Open apps quickly in split-screen
To open an app, simply drag it from the Recents screen to the desired screen side.
Utilize many timers at once
Now, even if another timer is still in progress, you can start a new one in the Clock app.
More control over who can attend calendar events

You can decide whether invitees are permitted to see who else has been invited to the event and whether they are permitted to extend an invitation when you add an event to your Google calendar.

Enhancements to Samsung DeX’s taskbar

To identify the programs you wish to use more easily, a search option has been introduced. Additionally, you may right-click several apps to rapidly access their internal duties. Additionally, you can choose which programs and controls you wish to see on your taskbar.

DeX has a new notification indication.

If any new alerts have been received since you last opened the notification panel, a red dot will show up on the notification button in your taskbar.

Calendar in DeX size
You may easily check future events without opening the entire Calendar app by clicking the date in your taskbar, which now displays a tiny calendar.
improved assistance for mechanical keyboards
When utilizing a physical keyboard, Samsung Keyboard functions like emoji input and text correction are now accessible.
Enhanced search in My Files

Select whether to search the entire folder or just the files inside the current folder. Additionally, you may decide whether to search simply file names or information contained within files, such as text in documents or location data in photos. You have the option to sort the outcomes when your search is finished by name, date, size, or file type.

Digital Wellbeing has been redesigned

To make it simpler to access the elements you require, like screen time reports and app timers, the Digital Wellbeing app has undergone a facelift. Bixby Routines now houses the Focus and Bedtime modes.

Utilize Bixby Routines more.
Bixby Routines was switched to bedtime mode.

Now, Bixby Routines can control Bedtime mode instead of the clock. When it’s time for bed, you may automate more tasks with Bixby Routines, such as disabling Do not disturb or altering other phone settings.

Adapt your mode selection to your activity

Choose an activity-based mode, such as working, learning, or exercising, and then specify what you want your phone to perform in each circumstance. When studying, for instance, switch on Do Not Disturb, and when working out, turn on music.

Preset routines are simpler to find
Finding routines in Bixby Routines that are helpful to you is made simpler by the arrangement.
Quickly examine ongoing processes
The top of the Bixby Routines screen now displays the currently running Routines so you can see what is happening and make modifications as needed.
Additional conditions and actions for your routines
start processes automatically when you use Airplane mode. Routines can now activate the Assistant menu and change the balance of the left and right channels.
Describe yourself
For emoii pairings, new emojis are available.

For making an emoji pair, Samsung Keyboard offers more than 80 more emojis. Along with face emotions, you can now also combine emojis based on objects like food, animals, and other objects. Pick the ideal mixture to express your feelings.

new AR Emoii bumper stickers
You can always discover the perfect sticker to convey your emotions because brand-new stickers are made accessible for download.
Additional standard stickers for your AR Emoii
15 stickers are automatically created when you create a new AR Emoji, allowing you even more freedom to express yourself.
Backgrounds for AR emoji stickers that are transparent
To make stickers fit better in your images and social media postings, make them with transparent backgrounds.
Make videos combining two emojis.

Create entertaining videos with 2 distinct emojis that you can share with your friends, use as a call background, or display on your lock screen. Templates for numerous dances and stances are offered.

Any image can be used as your emoji background.
Any image from your Gallery can be used as the background for your emoji in the Scene and Mask modes.
To your Google calendar, add stickers

You can now apply stickers to events that you add to your Google calendar so that you can quickly identify them. When a sticker is added to an event, it becomes visible in both the calendar and agenda views.

every image can be turned into stickers.

Every image in your collection can be turned into a reusable sticker. Select the content of your sticker using the lasso tool before adding any embellishments or outlines.

In the photo editor, new stickers
You may add 60 brand-new pre-loaded emoji stickers to your photos.
More GIF editing options

Animated GIFs can be trimmed and reshaped to the proper size or shape. The same editing tools that are accessible for still photographs can also be used to customize your GIF.

Samsung Keyboard expression button placement
Emoji, sticker, and other buttons can be moved around by touching and holding them.
Directly enter kaomoji with the Samsung Keyboard.
Use pre-made Japanese-style facial expressions that were developed using keyboard symbols to liven up your chats and communications. (*^.^*)
Videos and images
Get help with Pro mode

In the Pro and Pro video modes, a help icon will show up. To get instructions on how to use the various lenses, choices, and controls, tap the icon.

Pro mode histogram
To ensure the ideal exposure, use the histogram to assess the brightness of each tone.
Zooming with one hand is simpler.
With only one swipe, you may zoom in or out farther thanks to the compressed zoom bar.
Returning to Photo mode is simple.
A Back button is now available to return to Photo mode at any moment when using camera modes found in the More menu.
Put watermarks on your photos.

Automatically add a watermark with the time and date it was taken, the name of your phone, or other customized information to the corner of each image.

In Food mode, telephoto lenses are now supported.
Use the telescopic lens to take more accurate close-up pictures of food.
fresh aesthetic for Stories

The automatically generated stories in your Gallery have been updated with a compelling slideshow display. To navigate between the images and videos in your narrative, simply tap or slide.

easier filter selection

The Camera, Photo Editor, and Video Editor now have a more straightforward filter selection menu. Finding the ideal filter for your photo or video is made simpler by the availability of all filters in one list.

Bixby is quicker when you need it most.
greater speed
In “on-device mode,” Bixby commands are stored on your phone for quicker execution without the need for a data connection.
Without saying “Hi, Bixby,” return phone calls and answer timers.

You can ask Bixby for assistance when an incoming phone, alarm, or timer sounds without saying “Hello, Bixby.” Simply say “Answer the phone” or “Clock out.”

Stay secure and safe
Quickly check the security status of your phone
The updated Security dashboard in Settings lets you know if your phone has any security flaws and provides simple fixes.
Get aid in case of emergency
To contact emergency services even if your phone is in your pocket or you are unable to speak, quickly press the Side key five times.
List of integrated emergency contacts

Make a list of emergency contacts that includes everyone you want to be able to reach. Both your watch and your phone’s emergency functions can use the same contact list.

Before disclosing personal information, get a warning.

When you attempt to share photos containing sensitive data, such as credit cards, ID cards, or passports, the share panel will alert you so you can decide if you actually want to share the images in question.

Website security and privacy information

Samsung Internet will display an icon in the address bar to indicate a site’s security status. To find out what data the website tracks and collects, tap the icon.

every person able to access
More choices for accessibility in the fast panel
You can add color filters, color inversion, color modification, and high contrast typeface to the fast panel to make them easier to reach.
Magnifier is simpler to get to

To quickly access the Magnifier tool, enable the shortcut in the Accessibility settings. Magnifier makes objects in the real world larger using the camera on your phone so you can get a closer look or make them easier to read.

Additional verbal guidance

You can still obtain assistance operating your phone even if you can’t see the screen well by selecting from a variety of audio feedback options. You may have your phone read out keyboard input so you can be sure you typed the right letter, switch on descriptions that explain what’s occurring in a video, and utilize Bixby Vision to identify items in your immediate vicinity and tell you what they are (only for supported videos).

enhanced braille display support
Braille displays can now be used natively with TalkBack without the installation of additional programs.
The majority of phone capabilities, including initial setup, are compatible with your braille display.
There is support for English, Spanish, Arabic, and Polish.
Simple accessibility button editing
To quickly alter the functions you can access using the Accessibility button, tap and hold the button.
Corner actions now have new actions accessible.

You can now click and hold, drag, drop, and move to the top or bottom of the screen by moving your mouse to one of the screen’s corners.

Additional alterations
New notification layout

It is simpler to identify the app that sent the notification because app icons are larger. Additionally, text alignment has been enhanced to make reading alerts easier.

Message calls before responding.

Allow calls to be automatically answered with a “why are you calling?” question. You can tap or enter an answer that will be read out to the caller if you are unable or unable to speak.

Moving bookmarks from one folder to another
Drag and drop your Samsung Internet bookmarks between folders to keep them organized.

Sound on your computer by using Link to Windows Using a button in the program title bar, you may decide whether to play the app’s sound on your PC or on your phone when using phone apps on a computer.

Examine the condition of your batteries.

You can now check the health of your battery under Device care thanks to the addition of battery health information. We’ll let you know if the condition of your battery is deteriorating so you can think about replacing it.

Additional RAM Plus possibilities
If you don’t need it or don’t want it to take up any storage space, you can now totally off RAM Plus in Device Care.
Display app titles in the edge panel for apps.
To make app names appear underneath the app icons, toggle on Show app names.
Space Themes

There’s a chance that certain downloaded themes won’t work with Android 13. After an upgrade, your phone’s default theme will be utilized if your theme is incompatible.

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