The update converting Google Duo to Meet is now beginning to arrive

The changes that will begin Google Duo’s metamorphosis into Google Meet are currently in progress. Google Duo and Google Meet are planned to merge. According to a recent reports report, the app upgrade to version 20220612.16 p6 includes a new banner card.

The shift is explained in the banner that can be found in the upgraded Google Duo just below the search bar. Specifically, noting that Duo would change to Meet and explaining what this entails for end customers. For instance, the Meet icon and branding will change. However, it will also feature brand-new Meet-like background effects for Duo calls.

WHAT CHANGES WILL GOOGLE DUO UNDERGO WITH THE UPDATE TO GOOGLE MEET? Of course, this upgrade does not herald a full-fledged merger between Google Duo and Meet. The two wildly popular video chat applications will continue to operate under their respective names for the time being. There is no specific timetable given for when the merger will be finished. However, as shown in the photographs given by the source and included below, there are a few further modifications that seem to indicate the change. Leaving the new banner aside.

Advertisement To start, Google Meet meetings organized with Duo use cloud encryption for private talks while still enabling features like chat and live captions. During a call, Google Account names and any assigned pronouns will be displayed. Additionally, people who were blocked in Duo will be able to participate in Meet calls.

Conversely, end-to-end encryption will still be used for all direct connections, including one-on-one and group video sessions.

Along with the updated features that are more Meet-centric, the user interface has also undergone some changes. There are new call creation choices as well as a button that now simply says “New Call.” For immediate meeting creation or scheduled future calls, users can Create a New Meeting or Schedule in Google Calendar. Both times, starting a new meeting functions as it does after the upgrade in the Google Meet app.


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